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Steel And Aluminum Tariffs, Trump, And Your Portfolio

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  • Is there a real possibility of a trade war ahead or is this a negotiation tactic?
  • How should investors prepare for volatile markets?
  • Is now the time to move toward active investment strategies?

The market fell after President Trump tweeted that "trade wars are good, and easy to win." But is this just a negotiation tactic or the beginning of a global trade war? Sara D'Elia talks to Michael Craig, Sr. Portfolio Manager, TD Asset Management, who assesses the current situation and provides a series of defensive investment strategies.

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Comments (21)

2bears profile picture
Has everyone forgotten history, what does Trump think was a major cause of the great depression? For those who don't know, it was a war of tariffs.
Ben Gee profile picture
Will history repeat itself?
stan11 profile picture
We sure hope not.
Potus, not Optus. My iPad is impulsive too with spelling.
Filtersweep profile picture
Kind of works, though, since Wikipedia tells me: The word "Optus" is Latin for "to choose" or "to decide".
Based on reliable inside info, the tariff's idea was in anger over something else and he did not give it any thought before blurting out, "impose tafiffs". Very impulsive Optus.
Trump is dangerous. Normally he negotiates when he holds most of the cards. Now he is dealing on an international stage.
Ben Gee profile picture
Beggars are not choosers.
Bullying will no longer work.
trump does not know anything. his decisions are impulsive and dangerous. he along with his political lemmings will wreck the economy.
Filtersweep profile picture
Can’t read the content link on the iPad app. Annoying. Please just post the content here rather than linking out.
Get a tablet with a computer operating system, instead of one with a locked down phone OS, and your problems will go away.
Ben Gee profile picture
Bullying may not work as desire. Will Trump act if the result will be negative, he may!
stan11 profile picture
Ben: "Will Trump act if the result will be negative, he may!"

I don't think we want to hold our breath on this. I'm not sure what Trump's agenda is.
Ben Gee profile picture
Trump want to bully trade partners into buying more US products.
The only way they will buy more US products is the US has to make its products attractive and affordable.
note: if one does not sell its best, others will reinvent them.
Nobody want to guy your #2, #3 or less.
Trump is a deal maker. He will use this to get something out of Asia for the US. Continue pushing Asian countries like Korea, China, Japan to invest in the US. Multilateral relations/economics have to work both ways and mutually benefit all parties.
Filtersweep profile picture
This purported skill at deal-making hasn’t been in evidence. In fact, quite the opposite.
Ben Gee profile picture
Trump is delusional if he really think a trade war is winnable.
Everybody lose in a trade war or a real war.
Just looking at the turnover and chaos in the White House, the tariff is more likely an impulsive response from Trump like his early morning tweets. It will create trouble to the economy and the stock market.
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