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I just hate, hate, hate any complaining, whatsoever. I'm worn out from reading it day after day.
Not to be picky, but I hate it when tech heads or English majors bitch about (minor) errors in writing that no one pays attention to.
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I hate when ... complain when they learned something.
HFIR, all this domestic oil and gas production must be transported through pipeline infrastructure. Why are MLP's performing so poorly? Do you think their distributions are going to be cut ? Do you think they will turn when the price of oil turns ?
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No, MLPs normally perform much better than REITs during inflationary periods. The sell-off in MLPs, in our view, is just negative investor sentiment towards the sector, and the multiple that was paid for MLPs are just coming down a bit.
Not to be picky, but I hate the way journalist use the phrase "inflection point".

I look forward to reading HFIR articles because they are full of "math"- with lots of graphs. The condition you are describing as an "inflection point" is actually a maxima or minima. That is where the graph bottoms out or tops out. The slope (first derivative) of the curve is zero.

An inflection point is where the second derivative is zero. The curve is at transition from concave to convex. I know this is picky because you are only using the phrase to way typical dumb journalists use it, but it is confusing to those of us who actually passed calculus and differential equations. You seem to be one of those who passed.
In defense of all "typical dumb journalists"...

Please see definition #2...


And given this is an article, and NOT a calculus class, I submit the second definition is more apt.

Oops! I began a sentence with "And"... SMH.
Thanks for the report. Could demand for what seems to be a decreasing distillate storage offset the building gasoline storage in terms refinery production over the next 30 days?
How long must we wait for equities to respond? What if prices stabilize around $60-65 and most E&Ps survive but don't earn a meaningful profit? It's tough being long seeing $60+ oil with equities near Jan 2016 lows 😐
Most of producer's hedges was done at below $55 wti, so you have to wait for those hedges to expire. And if price will stand at $60-65 equities will rise.
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