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The Whole Is Greater Than Its Parts

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  • The Fortune Teller and Trapping Value introduce a new collaboration on The Wheel of FORTUNE.
  • They agree on many things, including the importance of being macro-oriented and using options strategies as a hedge against risk and to enhance returns.
  • They also share their current top ideas, including Axon Enterprise, TiVo and Northview Apartment REIT.

“Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

~ Mattie Stepanek

One of the many awesome things about Seeking Alpha is it brings together investors of all stripes. It provides a community where people the world over can connect and powwow about almost any type of approach, from income to commodities to value to quant. It’s a place where camaraderie, (friendly) rivalries, professional relationships, and even partnerships are ignited from the spark of a single chance meeting.

Recently, SA brought together two authors in just such a collaboration - The Fortune Teller, who founded and authors The Wheel of FORTUNE on Marketplace, and Trapping Value, who joined the site as a contributor in 2017. The two crossed paths, and as they reveal in this interview, soon discovered they spoke similar languages, not only in investing parlance, but also in terms of where they’d lived and some of their life experiences. It was a match made in cyberspace. Trapping Value started out as an observer and “silent” member of The WoF community, and starting this month, he’ll be a regular contributor on the service, bringing a fresh perspective and counterpoint to The Fortune Teller’s insights.

They joined the Roundtable to talk about the exciting details of their new partnership and its implications for WoF members, offer their perspectives on a variety of income plays and share their current best ideas.

(Editor’s Note: Responses, data and charts originally submitted on Monday, March 5, 2018.)

Seeking Alpha: What metrics do you use to evaluate the stocks you cover, and how have you come to these preferences?

The Fortune Teller (TFT): We (my team and I) are adopting a top-down, from macro to micro, approach. We touched upon this on many of our SA publications, including our

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The Seeking Alpha Marketplace is our platform for investing research and guidance. Services are led by individual authors and feature communities of investors with similar interests focused on a given investment style and approach. It enables investors to get guidance and ideas that suits their needs so they can take their investing to the next level.Interested in building a business on Marketplace? Check out this story on authors' success to date, and go here to learn more about writing for SA. Contact us at premiumauthors@seekingalpha.com if you'd like to apply to launch a Marketplace service.Interested in signing up for a Marketplace service? Check out all our authors here. For any questions about SA's Marketplace, contact subscriptions@seekingalpha.com. We'd be happy to hear from you.This account will be used to highlight these authors and offer insights into investing from the authors to any interested users. Follow this account if you'd like to hear what's going on with the SA Marketplace!

Analyst’s Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

The Fortune Teller is LONG ABR, FSIC, TPVG, GPMT, CVA, FTAI, CORR, EPR, AMZA,JPM,C, BAC, MS, GS, TD, RY, SO, BIP, TRSWF, T, VZ, TWX, PGNX. He is SHORT O (common) as well as the following options/: $50 O PUT (covered against the short position), $82 TGT CALL & $70 TGT PUT (pair trade), $105 TWX CALL & $87.5 TWX PUT (tripe trade, with the long common). Trapping Value is long BREUF, NPRUF and ENB.

Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given that any particular security, portfolio, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person. The author is not advising you personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular security or other matter. You alone are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, security or strategy, or any product or service, is appropriate or suitable for you based on your investment objectives and personal and financial situation. The author is an employee of Seeking Alpha. Any views or opinions expressed herein may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank.

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Comments (45)

The Fortune Teller profile picture
Make sure you visit our recent blog post that has tons of (professional) data (as well as fantastic music...):
"StrawBEARry Fields Forever: The Beat Les (Miserables = Markets) Version"


"Strawberry Fields Forever", "Help", "Let It Be", "Yesterday" are four of The Beatles' finest songs.

What the markets can learn from these songs? And how is Liverpool F.C. related to this!?

Trust me, those are songs (and words of wisdom) you don't want to miss.

Happy New Year!!!
The Fortune Teller profile picture
"The Whole Is Greater Than Its Parts" - and it has never been more affordable than it is now!

Trapping Value and I are inviting you all to take advantage and participate in "The Wheel Of FORTUNE's End Of 2018 Bargain Deal / Mega Poll"

Happy holidays!
Flex68 profile picture
TIVO has formed a nice double-bottom......rem... to be seen how the up leg progresses, but an interesting formation
Interviews like this from SA are much appreciated to introduce a little behind-the-scenes thinking from contributors. I especially like the macro take from FT and TV - perhaps because it matches mine on now being a time to pick up some beaten-down MLP action and REITS. We don't get a lot of that here. Also good to know the broad nature of coverage, will check it out.

So is this a merger, buyout, bromance, friendly takeover or marriage of equals? Haha.. (Hope the PreNup covers who takes the blame if a recommended stock nosedives. )
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Thanks for the positive feedback as well as for the good lough to start the morning with.
It's a merger of FORTUNE and a marriage of VALUE

More than anything, the Wheel of FORTUNE is mostly about making money. We are not selling books (although we would love to turn into Amazon.com...) and we are not producing words (we live that for professional bloggers). We are selling RESULTS = risk-adjusted returns.
Looking back at our first year - we are very proud and we believe that our subscribers are quite happy with what they got from us.

You can still join today, take full advantage of the two-week free trial and (if you like the service) - turn into a paying subscriber before fees move up (on April 1st). That would grandfather the current-lower fees for as long as you remain a subscriber.



Looking forward to welcome you!
BioSci Capital Partners profile picture
I enjoyed reading this interview very much, thanks, SA. And, congrats to the two stellar authors.
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Thanks Dr. Tran
Very kind of you to say so and much appreciated!
Trapping Value profile picture
Thank you Dr.Tran.
larrhall profile picture
Thanks. Talented combination. Plus, we share some stocks/sectors in common, which makes me feel better about some of the stocks that I hold.
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Thanks larrhall and good luck
Many winners mentioned. Have been watching AMZA with it's generous dividend but don't see price appreciation, rather the opposite.
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Thus far, that's the case.
We believe that patience will pay off here.
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Thanks much for allowing this double-header interview
As always, it's been a great experience (and fun) working with you on that.
Looking forward to the next one...
pgallop profile picture
Still waiting to hear from the horses mouth what went wrong with the advice you gave us on Colony Northstar (CLNS). I continue to suspect the very large 'minority interests' pay-outs may be the source of some of their grief and these payments may also involve some insider preferential treatment, or its looks suspicious.
Trapping Value profile picture
Nothing written here or anywhere else on SA should be construed as
"advice". I believe SA polices and my disclosures add that as well.

I still own it and I will write a follow up when I have some time. I have said that minority interests have nothing to do with the issue and and I am sticking with that part.
Trapping Value, let's be honest, although legally nothing on SA is an advice, nobody would come here if it wouldn't be an advice in reality. It's all really useless if it's not an advice. Thank you for your input and education.
Trapping Value profile picture
I tell people what I think and I am honest about what I am doing with money I have access to in relation to that investment. For everything I write on, I actually own it or I am short it or I really looked hard and avoided it. I see it as part of their due diligence process that does some work for them but it is not the same thing.
Landlord Investor profile picture
"A name that we really like and that just posted great earnings combined with a 10% dividend hike is Arbor Realty Trust, Inc, (NYSE:ABR). It’s not getting too much coverage on SA, but deserves to."

TFT -- I agree! You should write an article on ABR!

My one concern is their mortgage origination business. Higher rates have really slowed down that business. Are you concerned about that? The flip side is that higher rates give them more interest on their escrow balances and floating loans, so maybe it's ok.
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Wanted to keep it in the shadows... :-)
Will get back to you soon (commenting from mobile)
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Me again....
This is a task for TV who is doing such a fine job writing micro analysis.
Why are you worried about the loan origination? From the press conference:

For FY 2017:
- "Portfolio growth of 27% on $786.0 million of loan originations, our strongest quarter of originations in over ten years"
- "Record loan originations of $6.31 billion, with $4.46 billion from the agency business, a 19% increase over 2016"
- "Significant structured portfolio growth of 48% on new originations of $1.84 billion"
- "Loan origination volume increased 117% from 2016 and consists of 93 new loan originations totaling $1.84 billion, of which 84 were bridge loans for $1.68 billion"

For Q4/2017:
Fourth quarter of 2017:
- "34 new loan originations totaling $786.0 million, of which 30 were bridge loans for $754.0 million"
- "Portfolio growth of 27% from 3Q17"

I see nothing but more growth and more profits.
Even if there is a trade off down the road - I expect the (higher) profits to compensate for the (possible) lower pace of growth/smaller portfolio

Cheers mate
Terrific interview!
I fully agree that companies like CVA is a excellent choice for growth and dividend distribution. With more and more trash world wide looking or going for recycling this company will continue to grow.
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Well said isha
CVA = Income & Growth (as well as investing in something positive as a bonus)
TRigell profile picture
I agree with everything Rose wrote. I subscribed to The Wheel of Fortune when it was first offered and I thought I couldn't be happier, but I was wrong. Adding TV only made things better. Two great minds for the price of one! I am really impressed with the attention given to the subscribers in the chat and comments section. All questions and concerns are addressed in a kind and respectful manner. This is a great service if you want to make money and expand your investing knowledge. Lots of good stuff in the chat too. Teresa
Trapping Value profile picture
Thanks Teresa! Appreciate the vote of confidence.
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Thanks much!
RoseNose profile picture
To strike GOLD twice is difficult...but I feel like I have.
#1 with The Fortune Teller and then with his service The Wheel of Fortune-
....actually that is twice already.

so...#2, but not really - as he is also a #1 find
is the new and interesting intelligent gold strike of Trapping Value.

Both of these men are experienced and confident in all they offer - this will be a symbiotic combination that already has been Fantastic for all in the service.
I can say no more, but read and follow the ideas and be amazed at the success and broad range of ideas (super-center of investing) and learning experiences.
The chat room is also equal to anything and all questions are answered.
Fear not, no one is ignored and everyone is treated with great respect and everyone in the chat also gives insights and participates with interesting charts and ideas....
I love it just for that...
:)) Rose
Trapping Value profile picture
Thank you Rose.
Have you considered changing your name to "RoseNoseThatRoseRocks"?
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Dear Rose
In light of TV suggestions for RNTRR = RoseNoseThatRoseRocks, how about: Fortune Teller + Trapping Value = FT+TV = FTV?
1. Flight Test Vehicle
2. Free to View
3. Functional Test Vehicle
4. Fashion TV
5. All answers are true (hopefully)
RoseNose profile picture
Facts Totally Verified
Fun To inVest
Fast-wheeling Tactical Venture
and just know you 2 are the ones that Rock !!
ZAAN profile picture
Great Article! The Wheel of Fortune continues to Trap Value.

I am long ENB, too, though have been averaging down on the position which is quite red. I am fine with it. I've opted for ENB instead of XOM and CVX in the energy space.

Interesting read all round as usual, not be be missed. Thank you.
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Hi Zaan!
Thanks as always
With our Canadian addition we are expanding geographically...
jess perkins profile picture
Zaan: Tell us why you decided on ENB?
galicianova profile picture
Duo Bravo!! i hope you are the right pair for the Noah Arc if a flood is upon us! Good Luck and safe passage.
Trapping Value profile picture
Thanks Gali. That made me chuckle.
The Fortune Teller profile picture
gali my dear
An arc!? I wish... We only have a wheel...
On the other hand, the arc aimed at preserving life while the wheel aims at preserving - and enhancing - wealth...
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