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Dividend Update - February 2018

Mar. 06, 2018 9:35 AM ETT, NNN, GIS, HRL, O, LTC, ABBV11 Comments
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Dividend Daze

February always seems to go quick. Helps it is a short month anyway. Work has been crazy busy for me most of the month, so I haven't been as active on the blog as I would like to. Hopefully, now things are slowing down a little bit, I can get right back into it. However, even though I was busy, my portfolio was just as busy generating passive income for me. February was a great month for dividends and I made some big gains. Here are some more details.


T - $33.11

NNN - $14.11

GIS - $12.61

HRL - $5.71

O - $6.45

LTC - $3.31

ABBV - $3.55

February dividends add up to $78.85, which represents an increase of 83.1% from last year where I made $43.06. Below are some charts from my portfolio page to better visualize the results.

February Monthly Dividends 2018

As you can see from February 2017's dividend post, I was paid dividends from 3 companies. This year, I was paid by 7! Two of those were monthly dividend payers, so about halfway through the year, they will not play as big of a role in my growth numbers. Other newer positions that helped growth are HRL and seeing its first dividend payment ever for me is ABBV.

Lastly, I added a lot more to my position of T on a dip late last year. This is where most of my increase came from. My position with them is almost at the point where I can DRIP a full share every quarter it pays out.

February Yearly Dividends 2018

I am very happy with the results for February. Over 80% increase makes up for the small decrease I posted last month. This year's dividend has already surpassed that of my entire 2015 when I started investing. I am looking forward to seeing

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Dividend growth investing and the pursuit to achieve financial freedom through the power of passive income. Buy and hold quality companies for the long term.

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Comments (11)

Cuip99 profile picture
I would say I am doing okay. But I have on the order of $500,000 invested. I get much more than $78 a month, I may get that from one stock that I hold. So, I congratulate you on your progress, some day you will have a pot of gold as big as mine. Keep working at it.
Dividend Daze profile picture
No need to downplay your success. Having 500k invested is quite the accomplishment. Can't wait until I get to the point where I am making consistent triple digits per month or even from individual companies. Just need more time to build up. I appreciate your encouragement!
Great tracking and great choices!
You are on the right track!
Dividend Daze profile picture
Thank you!
Jack Heller profile picture
I own T. DUK. D. NEE. LAND. As for my high dividend positions. Also own Apple and C. Trying to keep adding to my positions. I too am at 1 share per quarter from T. Like the idea of adding 4 shares a year. Those shares will help produce more shares down the road.

Working two part time jobs this summer while school is out. Hopefully that will allow me to add to my positions. I try to save money from my part time job during school as well.

Thanks for the article. Love seeing other people’s dividend stories.

Hopefully we are making the right choice by dividend investing!
Dividend Daze profile picture
Thanks for reading. I love following other's stories as well. T is a good position, especially with that nice yield. APPL and DUK are both on my buying list.

AAPL already has a higher dividend growth rate even though the yield is relatively low. But with the announcement to move their cash back to the US, I believe that should increase their dividend even more. Will be interesting to see what happens with them and other tech companies because of that new tax law.

Smart to take advantage of the time off school. The more you can add now, the greater your portfolio will be going forward. Best of luck!
Jack Heller profile picture
DUK my drop a little further with the upcoming stock dilution planned for this year. But increase yield. Conference call says they'll grow form 4-6% EPS and 4-6 Dividend growth rate. Nice one just to let it DRIP.
littlecubbie2019 profile picture
Nice! I have t, gis, and o
Dividend Daze profile picture
Happy to be a fellow shareholder with you on them. Great companies.
Peter Jaworowski profile picture
Good job! Take a while to get this going, but it gets easier
Dividend Daze profile picture
The start is always the hardest. Although the start is usually when you see huge growth numbers as well so those are always cool to track. Long term is key.
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