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Cryoport Inc 2017 Q4 - Results - Earnings Call Slides

Mar. 07, 2018 12:24 AM ETCryoport, Inc. (CYRX)5 Comments
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The following slide deck was published by Cryoport Inc in conjunction with their 2017 Q4 earnings call.

Full Year and Fourth Quarter 2017

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Comments (5)

rt94103 profile picture
What happened today? Down ~8%; don't see any news or obvious catalysts...
mookdoc profile picture
Who is the private investor clown towards the end barging into the q and a?
wrynot profile picture
I normally wouldn't bother with such uninformed posters on forums like this, but since a friend saw this and pointed it out to me, and I was that "private investor clown", I'll clue you in.
I'm a long term CYRX shareholder who I'm 99.9% sure has a lot more at stake than you (or any of those analysts who were on the call) do. With over 30 years experience working for a couple investment firms, my guess is I'll forget more than most people know about this field, but I was not calling representing my firm, just myself. But even though I'm a private investor, I don't have any compunction about asking questions since, while I'm no Carl Icahn, I am one of the company's ~owners~, and don't feel like I'm not entitled to question management when I have a lot at stake. I didn't "barge in" to that call, but simply called in, pressed 1* and waited like everyone else.
I've owned and continued to buy this stock over the last several years from $8+ to $1+ and then back up again. Now, it's north of $9. Let's just say I have a keen interest in how this turns out.
As for your comment disparaging my questions, aside from the CEO telling me they were good questions (which one could argue was just meant to placate), I'll just say that shortly after the call I received an email from the former president of the company that arranged CYRX's original financing 10+ years ago, thanking me for the questions I posed, and telling me that mine were the most relevant questions on the entire call. So, if that's being a "clown", I'll wear it proudly, knowing that guys like you wouldn't post comments like this if you knew the first thing about this company and the opportunities and challenges in front of it.
actually i know the "private investor" and my comment was tongue in cheek to him for calling in and asking questions. relax
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