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BA and LMT are on my watchlist. I’ve only started investing in the last 6 months. Should new money be looking at Boeing?

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I cannot advise you as you must look at your risk and money but for me I bought like crazy today as I believe BA will continue to grow past $450 per share.
CEO has BA humming! Long BA.
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Muhlenberg and Brazil official are dropping hints that the Embraer deal is ON. I believe that they will come out with an official announcement soon. BA CEO said cash is no problem to absorb Embraer, which is great since the acquirer company stock usually goes down in acquisitions.

I think this deal will be more than accretive to earnings. It will add skilled workers who build the smaller jets which will plug a hole in BA's portfolio.
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Embraer is getting beaten (badly) in the market by the C Series -- it will take a miracle for that to change anytime soon. In the meantime (back at the ranch) BA will throw lots of money at it..............to simply catch up with Airbust and the Canadians.
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There are no blindfolds on Boeing to assume by making a deal with Embraer they are sinking into a "black hole".

The deal will plug a gap in BA's product lineup. And the deal will be a win/win.
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Inside baseball -- the Seattle Tree Huggers care little about this segment of the market, the only reason they played there at all was because the old "cinnamon ice cream" bunch in St Louis (e.g. McD, 717) thought the market was viable.
Being half of a government sanctioned duopoly is a great way to make money.
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I thought the KC 46A first delivery was to be delayed. Has it passed all necessary flight tests and received FAA certification?

Long BA
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No -- far from it.

BA blew the schedule, botched up the development ---Boeing has already had to pay $2.9 billion pretax, or about $1.9 billion after tax, due to schedule delays and cost overruns on the program — including missing its original August 2017 Required Aircraft Availability (RAA) date. Shareholders get to pick up all the tabs - in the billions, now and later.
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Hm. I haven't yet received my invoice from the Company for this expense.
$BA Wow! New price target $450 🎯
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Merrill Lynch has a $470 price objective as they call it.
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Great article. I took the dip today to buy a bunch of BA.
Nice article. I have been led to believe that BA was going out of business, judging from the price action over the past few weeks. Staying long.
Positive on BA but guarded on the Tanker to AF. Like Air Freight growth very much.
Thank you for this helpful piece. We hold many of the same positions; I don't recall any commentary, of yours, on MCD, my largest holding. Would you comment on this dividend aristocrat?
BA is 3+% of my holdings.
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"This article is about McDonald's (MCD) and why it's a buy for the dividend income investor that also wants some growth potential and good total return. McDonald's is one of the largest fast food restaurants in the world. MCD is a conservative investment for the income investor who also wants moderate growth."

Above is from my last article on MCD 12/12/2017
It is 5% of my portfolio and a good conservative business with a growing dividend for years of years that beats the market.

Thank you for the your comment , it make sup for the troll I had on my last article.
Thank you Mr. Stamm, I truly appreciate your help.
My largest holding by far, all bought over the last 4-5 years. During my dd I looked at dividends and while they aren’t an Aristocratic, they have not reduced their dividend since about 1968. The size of their increases allows a thinking man to forgive the odd year of no increase, although I don’t see that happening over the next decade or even longer.

Sadly, I’ve stretched my holdings too, so won’t be adding unless an irrational drop happened. Then I’d consider a shorter term trade in an IRA account.
Thanks for sharing William!
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