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Tackling Tariffs - Today's Editors' Picks

Mar. 09, 2018 7:01 AM ET20 Comments
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SA Editors' Picks

Hello! I'm your curator, Michael Hopkins.

Here are today's Editors' Picks:

Chart of the day: A look at share buybacks, 2000-2018

Comment of the day, from contributor Doug Eberhardt

Innovation is good if it can keep pace with interest rates. While annuities may offer a stream of income guaranteed for life, I am curious if this type of product offers an option where your income goes up with interest rates going up being that we are presently at historic lows. And also if there is any Market Value Adjustment to worry about. Maybe someone can address those two issues I have with annuities.

Being that most companies no longer offer Defined Benefit Plans, which my father and mother at age 83 and 82 are happily benefiting from, individuals will be in need of some sort of a stream of income if it is the right type of product. Fulfilling this niche by investment firms will become more apparent in the future, so glad to see it addressed.

Quote of the day:

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success. - Pablo Picasso

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Comments (20)

MarketLost.....threate... your allies isn't helpful.***** Oh,I think putting everyone on notice is quite helpful. The idea of " free trade" is as misguided as the idea of a " free market". Neither has existed in the U.S. since the 1850's.
MarketLost profile picture
Of course Trump is going to back down on tariffs. He can only impose temporary tariffs, and he risks a full-blown war with his own party if he did what he said.
Of course Trump is going to back down on tariffs.****** He's after China, but I think his angle is to bring everyone back to the negotiating table and cut a better deal. I see nothing wrong with that.
MarketLost profile picture
The problem is that threatening your allies isn't helpful. No one is against him stopping the dumping from China, at least none that I'm aware of. I've worked with people that always come out swinging like that, and after a while people have enough of it, and then things get worse not better. The saying we go by is 'never start a fire you don't need to'.
Just bring Rodman along to test food and drink before consuming. Call Discovery Channel, that might be Bigfoot taking in the sun in white boardshorts. Don't plan to cut off your ear.
The Crysenburger profile picture
Trump pitch slapped China and 3 Days Later North Korea Came Calling and wanted to talk but neither of these things had anything to do with each other right?
Yes, despite your sarcasm you are correct, these events are independent and unrelated.
MarketLost profile picture
NK has been doing this for decades. They rattle their sabers, the US and SK respond in kind, and eventually the whole thing blows over. Other than the fact Trump is a bigger blowhard than Kim, how is this script any different?
MarketLost....... how is this script any different?*****NK's " rattling sabor", is now the sound of a nuclear ICBM launching. I'd say that's a considerably " different script".
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