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February Dividend Income Report

Mar. 08, 2018 7:28 PM ETV, UPS, TXN, SBUX, MSFT, LAZ, HON, HAS, GNTX, DIS, AAPL33 Comments
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The Dividend Guy

Back in September 2017, I received slightly over $100K as a result of the commuted value of my pension plan. I decided to invest 100% of this money into dividend growth stocks. Each month, I publish my results. I don’t do this to brag; I do this to show you it’s possible to build a portfolio during an all-time-high market. The market will crash… eventually. In the meantime, I’d rather cash some juicy dividends!

Portfolio holdings

Since last month, my portfolio is running full speed as I’m fully invested. In fact, I’m currently gathering dividends in both accounts. I have about 1% in cash, the rest are busy making money.

Canadian portfolio (CAD):

Company Name Ticker Market Value
Alimentation Couche-Tard ATD.B.TO $5,348.34
Andrew Peller ADW.A.TO $7,063.30
Royal Bank RY.TO $6,012.60
Canopy Growth Corp WEED $5,385.35
Enbridge ENB.TO $4,488.00
Fortis FTS.TO $4,137.21
Lassonde Industries LAS.A.TO $5,189.72
Magna International MG.TO $4,811.79
Shopify SHOP.TO $6,976.79
Cash $779.85
Total $50,175.24

My Canadian holdings took quite a hit over the past 2 months. First, FTS is a victim of the rise of interest rates. I’m not surprised and I hold this company mainly for its current higher dividend. The short-term noise doesn’t bother me at all. My other high yielding stock, Enbridge (ENB), is also not doing so good. Then again, the whole pipeline industry has been hit as many think it will have to pass the U.S. tax reform gains to clients. Plus, Enbridge’s large debt scares lots of people. In the meantime, ENB announced a dividend 10% higher. I’ve had a crazy ride with Canopy Growth (TWMJF), but I expected no less!

However, my portfolio is still up by 7% compared to my purchase price mainly because of the success of Andrew Peller (OTCPK:ADWPF) and Shopify (

This article was written by

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My name is Mike and I’m the author of The Dividend Guy Blog & The Dividend Monk along with the owner and portfolio manager here at Dividend Stocks Rock (DSR). I earned my bachelor degree in finance-marketing, own a CFP title along with an MBA in financial services. Besides being a passionate investor, I’m also happily married with three beautiful children. I started my online venture to educate people about investing and to be able to spend more time with my family. I started my career in the financial industry back in 2003. I earned several promotions along with a good pile of diplomas. I had lots of fun working with clients in private banking for half a decade, but thought I could do more with my life. In 2016, I decided to take a leap of faith and left everything behind to travel across North America and Central America with my family. We drove through nine countries and stayed three months in Costa Rica before returning home. This was an eye-opening adventure that led me in 2017 to quit my job in the financial industry and pursue my dream; helping others with their personal finance through my investing websites. You just found the reason why I quit my suit & tie job!

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Comments (33)

Don’t confuse brilliance with a bull market!
Like they said in road house. “I thought you’d be bigger”
“Juicy” dividends and related talk really irritates me. A dollar is a dollar whether from a dividend or from selling a stock that has appreciated. Without publishing your total return it’s safe to assume you have underperformed. No amount of “juicy” dividends matter in that case. If you want to brag about how you are bracing for a decline in the market, fine.
DividendInvestorLA profile picture
If dividend earning reports "irritate" you, why are you reading this article?

Maybe you could come up with some helpful comments instead of attacking someone sharing their experience and ignoring where they answered your objections...
pat12357 profile picture
That was a helpful comment. Exposing irrational thinking is helpful (well, maybe not to everybody).
That’s what I’m saying. You put 100k In stocks with no breakdown of how many of each. I own 1547 shares of Bzun and made almost 22k in past week so money is money whether is dividends or selling in with taylor
So newby question but how many share of each stock do you own? Its nice seeing and watching it grow but without knowing the amounts you have in in, hard to judge on investing matches?
Steven Bavaria profile picture
Maybe I missed it. Do you report your actual total return, including its two key components: cash dividends received, appreciation or depreciation in market value?

Without this, we have no way to really judge how successful your strategy is.

If it's in there somewhere and I missed it, then I apologize.
The Dividend Guy profile picture
I don't post my total return just yet. This account was created on Sept 2017. Therefore, even if I put my return and compare to any benchmark, the only thing it will tell you is that if I'm lucky or not. Returns over the first 12 months as nothing to do with a good strategy or now. Unfortunately, it takes a good 10 years (to make sure your portfolio goes through a full market circle) to know if a strategy really works or not.
For what it's worth, my portfolio beat the market so far... but it's only for 5 months...
Steven Bavaria profile picture
DG -
Sorry, but definitely not true. You can certainly report your cash return - which is what really matters and has nothing to do with whether "I'm lucky or not" (to quote you) - from day one.

I doubt many of your readers want to wait ten years to see if your investment ideas make sense. I report my cash and total returns like clockwork every quarter and have been for years. I think readers want to see that. (https://seekingalpha.c...)
puppyrex profile picture
good info I am on the right track I have some of those in my portfolio as well
Trevor.Genis profile picture
In comparison, my test portfolio is smaller in overall size (simply apply % for stats purposes,) but contains a much larger overall number of stocks, each a very small holding.

I will let this play out for a while but do think it has hurt me initially due to the higher number of buy transactions (each with their admin fee of course :)) This is a long term game so ignoring the setup costs for the moment.
Trevor.Genis profile picture
Awesome article - thanks.

Personally, being a home investor, I often look for ways to test my own decisions and share selections. Now I know everyone's circumstances are different, but that is why we can apply "filters and lenses" to our analysis. I find it reassuring to know I am on the right track :)

Thanks again for being so open about sharing your approach DG. It is much appreciated.
I may have recommended this before, but it's worth repeating:CME which raises the dividend every year, pays a monster special dividend around Christmas every year, and goes up in price more than most stocks. I'm 70 , retired and in mostly good dividend paying stocks (your Apple, Disney and Starbucks among them. Good Luck!
Capital & Charity Group profile picture
Lazard is a good pick, I prefer Moelis myself because of the future ARAMCO IPO, but just my $0.02
Great choices and best wishes
Both MC and LAZ have appreciated and both with 3% plus dividends.
08 Mar. 2018
Why is the account locked? Isn't it a self directed RRSP?
08 Mar. 2018
Could be a LIRA account
The Dividend Guy profile picture
It's a LIRA account, it's coming from my previous employer pension plan.
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