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I can tell u one thing.. the food in Bo is super but service is very poor.. like Bo’s chicken any day to KFCs but needs better service
CarolinaStephen profile picture
There are three different Bo's I go to in our area and all have excellent service. I don't doubt your statement but have not experienced it in our area. How is the service very poor in your area? If there are service issues they need to be fixed.
Mr G profile picture
Agree, needs fresh\new blood. Maybe be a MCD head. I have a boja fix more often than a hamburger fix. o wrote them several myths ago with some new ideas. One was bring that buck large tea back. I hear it costs less than .25. And maybe some incremental sales! So far a no go!
CarolinaStephen profile picture
I think they may already have the 99 cent large tea back. I ordered tea a few days ago and they sold me a large for 99 cents.
They need to get the news out then! Seems like a marketing problem to me.
CarolinaStephen profile picture
How can you see the CEO leaving as a negative given what you have written about recent performance? I took it as a positive sign that Bojangles is looking for new leadership. I would be surprised if it was not a forced resignation.
CarolinaStephen profile picture
BOJA was up 3.8% on Friday, someone likes the stock a lot.
Seems to be significant disagreement from the author with some recent investors, or is someone accumulating for buyout, which I doubt. Bo is a popular place for breakfast and lunch., and fast foods aren't generally dinner stops. Glad someone is seeing value in this depressed share price. Long!
We need another Bojangles in my town. Most lunch hours the drive-thru line goes around the building. Yesterday I showed uo at 5:30 AM and there was a line waiting to get in. Don't expect to find an empty table Sunday morning. I loaded up at 12 a couple of months ago.
Michael Spacey profile picture
it's a waiting game . even at lower sss for longer and operating deleveraging u still have positive fcf. and they keep debt under control to ensure survival. look 3 yrs out. sss stabilize or go positive. interim fcf lowers ev and all the sudden u got a cult brand at a good price.
tbonemoe profile picture
Cult brand yes but BOJA has been closing stores and struggling off and on for multiple decades. Cults end poorly....
Michael Spacey profile picture
they are indeed closing weak stores in peripheral regions and focus on building in their core regions where their brand is strongest. That to me in a sensible strategy.

Are you from the south? in my experience, people from other regions cannot understand the strong hold Bojangles has in certain populations. In that respect it's more like Chic-Fil-A than a McDonalds. Cult is not the right word.. more like legendary
All wrong, Boja is super cheap at current price!! Earnings beat all around with solid guidance!
countrycuz profile picture
So say we all!
Some folks know whats up!
Septuagenarian profile picture
I pick up two dinners every month at Bojangles at 6pm. I am almost always the only customer in the store. My bill has always been $11. I have often wondered how they stay in business. Maybe they won't. Price has not helped margins.

My lunchtime Whopper has had two price increases in the last couple of years. $3.99 to $4.29 I think. Burger King offers 2 for $6 but I can't eat 2. My wife doesn't share my fondness of a Whopper.

I don't own any restaurants. I had a gut feeling about DIN but couldn't pull the trigger. I think is has come close to doubling in the past year.
CarolinaStephen profile picture
If you were to stop by our local Bojangles in the Triangle area of NC right now on Saturday morning you would see a line of cars that extends off the property and out into the street. They do a huge amount of business at breakfast and lunch. Dinner seems to be Bojangle's slowest meal.
Agreed - BOJA dinner time needs to be improved .. Not sure the course of action but they are making $. At current price TD Ameritrade gives me 17.93 PE .. doesn't seem to expensive.
mwatson1236 profile picture
I bought BOJA about 18 months ago after you said it was the best stock out there to just buy it and let it set for 20 yrs!!! What happened??? Been following your articles for a while but you seem to flip flop on your recommendations quite often
countrycuz profile picture
Man I told everyone that this dude was shady!
Thats why I don't listen to anyone but my cat Dakota.
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