The Bitcoin Fad Is Over

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  • The Bitcoin bandwagon is falling apart.
  • Failure to cut out middleman.
  • Failure to serve those who could benefit most.
  • Current investors fading away as regulation and taxes kick in.

Failure to Get Rid of Middleman

Bitcoin's creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, pioneered Bitcoin as a way to get rid of the middleman (financial institutions) in order to cut out transaction costs, and make smaller transactions cheaper. Unfortunately, Bitcoin has totally failed to serve its purpose in this regard. The cryptocurrency is considered "digital gold," and has regressive transaction fees that make smaller purchases more expensive compared to credit card.

Take a look at the processing fees of these popular credit card companies:

(Source: Value Penguin)

The overall average fee is 2.23% per transaction in the United States. Most transaction fees are baked into product prices for merchants, but sometimes when your bill is too small, merchants charge you a small fee if you use a card. So you are in fact indirectly paying to use a card. Now, since Bitcoin was intended as a payment solution for small transactions, imagine you spend $20 at the grocery store using a credit card: that is $0.45 for the transaction.

According to BitInfoCharts, the average Bitcoin transaction fee was $1.43 on 03/21/18.

(Source: BitInfoCharts)

Looking at the average transaction value on 03/21/18, at $43,000, Bitcoin's transaction fee percentage looks stellar compared to credit cards at approximately ($1.43 / $43,000 =) 0.003% versus the credit card average of 2.23%.


(Source: BitInfoCharts)

However, Bitcoin transaction fees are not proportional to how much you spend, they are proportional to transaction volume on the network. Take a look at the transaction volume graph below.

(Source: BitInfoCharts)

There isn't always a 1-to-1 correlation between the transaction volume graph and the average transaction value graph, but if you look at March 17th, you can see that when volume is low, transaction fees are lower. As you move rightwards, volume increases in tandem with transaction fees. For anyone paying with BTC, this makes transaction fees

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