As Goes Facebook So Goes An Entire Fallacy

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Regardless of where one stands on the entire social media complex, one thing is certain: "it's different this time" is over.

The dirty little secret contained within that mantra that's been used ad nauseam over these ensuing years, is there are many who built their careers, fortunes, or guru status based upon just that. i.e., "It's different this time."

The problem now coming to light is, well, yes it was, just not for anything they were espousing. And that's now a very big problem for the entire social-media complex, along with tech in general. i.e., Wall Street's now going to be asking its own very old but never-changing question in times like these; i.e., "Where's the money?"

Social was supposed to deliver advertisers the-edge-of-all-edges. Again, it was told/sold as to deliver matches of enthusiastic eyeballs, supplied with a wallet filled with credit cards (hopefully not already maxed out) to purchase their wares via carefully targeted ads." How could they miss," was the clarion call. After all, they were talking about billions upon billions of eyeballs.

Well, they did deliver the "eyeballs" part. The only issue is that many, if not all, were teenagers with no jobs or wallets.

To top it off, many of those that should be of precisely the "golden age" for advertisers (18-35 thereabout) were just like those of the younger cohort; i.e., no job, no wallet, no career, just school, and debt, lots of it.

The only insult to injury (for advertisers that is) was that both of these demographics despised, deplored, reviled, spurned, (no hyperbole intended) any intrusion such as an "ad" into their streams. And when it came to the demographic sets above? (i.e. 35+) Two- fold whammy.

First: Those that were accustomed to ads had a built-in ignore feature honed via years of late-night

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