Money Flows, Market Structure Project Major Turnings Points In SPX, NDX, 10Y Yield, Gold, U.S. Dollar, High Yield, And Bitcoin

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For equities, the US dollar, high yield and Bitcoin, expect a small recovery within a week (a rebound within two weeks also possible) - a significant decline follows thereafter.

But we should see a cyclic low for these assets sometime in late April-early May, followed by a new upside phase of the bull market.

For bond yields and gold, expect small downticks within a week (allow within two-weeks), which could be followed by significant rallies in gold and the 10-year yield into May.

We will be on the lookout for a major top thereafter - significant declines for both assets should follow.

I recently explored market conditions in a recent article at Seeking Alpha to assess the outlook over the next 3-6 months (see it here). In that article, I used macro data and economic fundamentals