Jon Najarian 'Off-CNBC' Talks Facebook, Tesla, Net Element And Floor Trading (Podcast)

Includes: FB, NETE, TSLA
by: Quoth the Raven

"Doctor J" shares his thoughts on Tesla, and why he thinks Elon Musk could be running on borrowed time.

He also shares that he is long Facebook from around the $150 area and shares his covered call writing strategy.

Jon also talks about his time in Chicago as a floor trader, making and losing millions, and his new Board spot with NETE.

Everybody knows Jon "Dr. J" Najarian from CNBC's Halftime Report and Fast Money, where he is a contributor and options expert. Jon is a former floor trader and former linebacker for the Chicago Bears who has turned into a trading and investing expert. He now runs his own investing education website,, and he is on the board of Net Element (NETE).

In my most recent podcast, Jon shared his stance with me on several topics. First, we talked about his history as a floor trader and how he wound up getting into the business. Next, we talked about what life was like as an open outcry trader in Chicago back in the 1980s and 1990s.

Jon also shared his thoughts on Tesla (TSLA) and why he thinks that Elon Musk may not be able to lead shareholders on without producing real results some time soon. He talks about the intense competition that is coming to light in the industry and discloses that he has no position in Tesla shares.

Dr. J also goes into depth about when and how he bought Facebook (FB) shares and how he could have never seen the "blowup" in social media happen the way that it did over the last couple of weeks. Jon shares a strategy for writing calls against his Facebook position that he put on it about $150 a share and he talks about his future outlook for Facebook and for social media.

In addition to this, Jon comments on the "plunge protection team" and why he would not be surprised if the government was propping up equity markets.

Finally, Jon talks about his brand new board membership at Netelement, fielding questions about what the company does as well as why the company is paying monthly for promotion of its business.

Quoth the Raven #12 - Jon Najarian

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