Equity Funds Post For Q1 2018 The First Decline In Ten Quarters

by: Tom Roseen

For Q1 2018 equity funds (-0.56% on average) posted their first quarterly loss in ten.

The World Equity Funds macro-classification (+0.11%) jumped to the top of the leader board for the fourth quarter in five.

The Sector Equity Funds macro-classification housed nine of the ten worst performing classifications in the equity universe for Q1, with Energy MLP Funds (-11.26%) being the universe laggard.

Despite the late-month meltdown in select techissues, growth-oriented funds continued to shine for Q1.

Commodities Energy Funds (+6.33%) posted thestrongest return of all the equity fund classifications for Q1.

Hobbled by fears of trade wars, the staff changes in the White House, a breach of trust by Facebook, and inflation woes, investors pushed the broad-based market indices to their first quarterly loss in ten. And for Q1 2018 the average equity fund posted a return of minus 0.56%, with Lipper’s World Equity Funds macro-classification (+0.11%) landing at the top of the four major equity groups for the fourth quarter in five. In this segment I highlight the March and first quarter 2018 performance results for equity mutual funds and ETFs.

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