Zendesk: At Nosebleed Highs

Apr. 08, 2018 11:00 AM ETZendesk, Inc. (ZEN)
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  • Zendesk has soared to all-time highs above $45 in 2017, appreciating more than 30% amid a broad market tumble.
  • The company was buoyed by a recent announcement that it crossed a $500 million run-rate for the first time, effectively ensuring that it will exceed Q1 guidance.
  • Revenues are expected to grow 30% y/y this year.
  • Shares look prohibitively expensive, however, at 7.7x forward revenues as loss margins continue to run high despite the growing revenue base.
  • Zendesk faces mounting competition in the service center SaaS space.

Zendesk (NYSE:ZEN), the customer-service software company, has been riding on a wave of fortune lately. The company is plowing on toward a $5 billion market cap, putting it far above the pack of average high-growth software companies. Since its IPO in 2014, original investors have made 5x on the company's starting IPO price of $9 - not a bad return at all for holding the stock a couple of years.

Year to date, Zendesk has gone up an astounding 33% versus a loss of -3% for the S&P 500:

ChartZEN data by YCharts

By all means, some of Zendesk's gains are well-deserved. The company has seen massive revenue growth and become a powerhouse in its space. For the unfamiliar, Zendesk provides a cloud-based software program that helps enterprises set up customer service portals. Its flagship offering, Zendesk Support, is the industry-leading application for handling customer service tickets. A screenshot of the agent interface, taken from Zendesk's website, is shown below:

Figure 1. Zendesk interface

Source: Zendesk.com

But despite Zendesk's recent success, the vaulting stock price begs the question: is Zendesk overvalued? With a few precious exceptions, as SaaS companies grow larger, the growth begins to decelerate quickly and the stock is suddenly no longer worth double-digit revenue multiples as it was back in the days immediately post-IPO. Despite the fact that Zendesk is a fantastic company with strong potential, its valuation at the moment has reached beyond the fundamentals and is due for a pullback.

Growth on the cusp of deceleration, with profits far from sight

Here's a look at how Zendesk's growth trajectory has fared over the past five years:

Figure 2. Zendesk income statement

Source: Zendesk 10-K

In FY17, the company grew revenues 38% y/y to $430.5 million. Don't get me wrong: that's tremendous growth for a company of its size, but the valuation (which

ChartZEN EV to Revenues (Forward) data by YCharts

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