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Open Sources: The Walter Schloss Archive

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Walter Schloss is one of the best known and most successful disciples of Benjamin Graham, the creator of value investing.

His intent focus on company balance sheets - and little else - is inspiring because it's an extreme case for how straightforward a successful investment framework can be.

Seeking Alpha authors can learn a great deal from Walter Schloss and his work.

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Walter Schloss developed one of the most successful investment track records ever by pursuing a strategy that is essentially repeatable for any investor - look for companies trading cheaply relative to the asset values expressed on their balance sheets.

Elevation Capital has posted an archive of his work and career achievements online, and it's available for free. Rightly positioned at the top of the page is Warren Buffett's classic essay, "The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville." Elevation Capital's archive is a great starting point for authors who want a deeper understanding of the value investing discipline.

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