Schwab Launches The Modern Investing Channel

by: SA Editor George Moriarty

Today’s market offers opportunities, and risks, that no generation has faced before.

Investors have access to a trove of information that provides great opportunity to individual investors, and informs conversations with market professionals.

The Modern Investing channel from Charles Schwab, meets all the needs today’s investors need to prepare and succeed.

Investors today face new factors that never interrupted their forebears' financial plans. With the world shrinking, government debt soaring, tax law changes and CEOs able to fire off a tweet that can blast away market cap in fewer than 140 characters (let alone 280), this ain’t your grandfather’s market. But investors also have greater access to investment ideas and insights than ever before, so they can engage in valuable, informed conversations with advisors and market professionals based on research done on the supercomputers in their pockets. Today’s market provides much opportunity, for those that want to work for it, and that’s why Schwab and Seeking Alpha are pleased to announce the Modern Investing Center.

Modern Investing means having access to the best ideas on investment strategy, curated by professional editors for you. It also means access to insights that are relevant to conversations you’re having with your financial advisor, and thoughtful presentations on hiring an advisor.

This new channel brings together the wisdom of Seeking Alpha’s crowdsourced platform, and the unique insights of the professionals at Charles Schwab. We hope you find it as powerful as we do, and we look forward to your feedback.

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