EV Company News For The Month Of April 2018


  • Global electric cars had their second-best month ever with ~142,000 sales. Year to date, sales are up 59% vs. last year. Tesla races back to global No. 1.
  • EV market news: Autonomous electric barges coming to the Netherlands; electric buses are hurting the oil industry.
  • EV company news: Toyota plans 10 new electrified vehicles for China by 2020, and Nissan plans 20 new EV models for China within five years.

Welcome to the April 2018 edition of Electric Vehicle (EV) company news. March electric car sales was a record setting month with global electric car sales reaching the second best month ever, and Europe having their best month ever. China and Europe are growing sales at 85% and 41%, respectively, with global sales continuing to grow at staggering growth rates.

Global electric car sales as of end March 2018

Global electric car sales finished March 2018 with 142,000 sales for the month, up 53% on March 2017, with 1.3% market share. Year to date sales are up 59% on last year.

Of note, 60% of all global electric car sales so far in 2018 were pure electric.

China electric car sales were 59,000 in March 2018, up 85% on March 2017. Electric car market share in China for March 2018 was 1.8% market share.

Current subsidies in China were reduced by 20% in 2017 and will be reduced by 40% in 2019 and 100% by 2021. China's Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) credit system was announced on September 28, 2017, and will begin in 2019 with 10% of credits (12% in 2020) required from new energy vehicles (NEVs). That translates to 4-5% of EV sales as market share for 2019. We are also expecting an announcement at some stage as to when China will ban ICE vehicles, noting BYD Chairman Wang thinks by 2030.

Europe electric car sales were over 40,000 in March 2018, 41% higher than in March 2017. This sets a record for Europe's best ever month. Europe electric car market share was 2.2% in March 2018. Norway still leads the world with an incredible 56% market share of electric cars sold in March.

US electric car sales were over 26,000 for March 2018, 42% higher than March 2017. U.S. electric car

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