Here Comes China's Next Devaluation Wave

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  • There's a lot of talk about China's debt problems thanks to a strengthening dollar.
  • Europe is the bigger problem because of its lack of political cohesion.
  • China will not fight the trend, but use it to its advantage.
  • The PBoC has a plan.

There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the size of China’s corporate debt affecting its growth. This talk always coincides with U.S. dollar (UUP) appreciation. And, to be fair, China’s corporate debt pile is enormous and would be difficult to manage in any kind of dollar liquidity spasm.

Now, with political tensions rising in Europe which is putting upward pressure on bond yields across the heavily-indebted south, the risk of a run on the dollar rises daily. And while the European Central Bank looks to have everything under control in the short-term it looks to me like the calm before the storm.

In this article I’m going to go around the world quickly to end in China because I believe it’s important to separate hyperbole and, frankly, political necessity from China’s plans for its currency, the yuan (CYB) likely course of action.

In fact, the beginnings of China’s plans are already in place and working well.

But let’s start in Europe, because that’s where the source of any true dollar bullishness will come from.

Eur-Only Making it Worse

With new governments in Italy and Spain, especially Italy, the status quo in Brussels is facing its stiffest challenge ever. Brexit was always going to be betrayed by the political class in the U.K. Greece’s Syriza never had the coalition strength nor the leverage that Italy has.

So, it is only a matter of time before Italy’s fiscal situation takes center stage. Italy’s leadership understands the fundamental problem of the European Union. The euro is badly designed and that bad design benefits a handful of countries, mostly Germany, at the expense of the rest of the union.

Absent structural reform which there is no political will to implement the European Union is headed for a complete political and economic

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