The New iPad Event Rundown

| About: Apple Inc. (AAPL)
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After my rundown of Apple iPad Rumors last week, it is time to look at what really came true at the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) event that just happened:

  1. Announcement Today: Check
  2. Shipping Immediately: Preorders start today, available March 16 in 10 countries and lots more March 23.
  3. High Res Screen: Check. Apple called it Retina Display. 2048 x 1536 as rumored. 264 PPI, not exactly the 300 but iPad is supposedly held further from the eye than the iPhone.
  4. Quad Core Processor: A5X processor with quad core graphics. I guess that was needed for that display. Apple claims better performance than rival Tegra3 from Nvidia.
  5. Thicker than the iPad 2: True but only 0.6mm thicker. 1.4lbs so marginally heavier.
  6. Siri: Yes. Voice Dictation. Microphone button on keyboard.
  7. 4G LTE: Check. 21Mbps HSPA+, DC-HSDPA 42Mbps and LTE 63Mbps (basically all the various 4Gs including LTE for both Verizon and AT&T, however separate devices for each carrier for LTE. either device will be compatible with 3G worldwide)
  8. 8MP camera: False. 5MP camera, nice lens, IR filter and Image Processing built into A5X chip. 1080P video recording. Software image stabilization.
  9. Cheaper iPad2: True. $399 for 16GB wifi model. That's a $100 drop.
  10. 7" iPad: False

Other Rumors that were circulating since last week:

  1. Apple might announce another new product too, such as an updated Apple TV that is capable of 1080P mirroring: Check, new Apple TV that supports 1080P was announced with a "streamlined new" interface. Supports iCloud. Apps are "easier" to get. Gives movie recommendations. Same $99 price as the old AppleTV.
  2. Tactile Display: False.
  3. iPad HD as a name instead of iPad 3: False. It is just the new iPad.
  4. Pricier: False. new one is same price as the old one.
  5. No Home Button: False. There is one.
  6. New dock connector: False.

Other Technology announcements

  1. iTunes in the cloud now supports movies.
  2. TV shows now support 1080P.
  3. Personal hotspot on iPad (if carrier allows).
  4. 10 hours of battery life, 9 hours on 4G for the new iPad! That is an incredible feat for keeping almost the same size as the previous one and adding a more powerful processor.
  5. iPad available in Black and White.
  6. Updated iWork, Garage Band, iMovie (major update), iPhoto (really major update).

Corporate Announcements

- 315 million iOS devices sold through last year.
- 62 million in Q4 2011 (15.4 million iPads, more than the 15.1 million PCs HP sold).
- 585,000 apps, 25 billion downloads.
- 100 million iCloud users.
- 200,000 iPad specific apps (they actually poked fun at a Galaxy Tab).

As usual the demos were impressive for games, and included a drawing product from Autodesk and all the updated iApps. However mass usage of iCloud is implied because everything is really big and you'll run out of space fast on the device itself.

Apple's stock has been sagging for the last few days along with the general market. However, it was up this morning pre-market by about 1% along with a rise in the futures. The stock is slightly off its high of $548. If the iPad meets the lofty sales expectations from analysts of selling 55 million in 2012, AAPL might continue being a blockbuster stock. Considering that Apple has generally beaten even high expectations, that might more than likely be the case.

The iPhone5, which is expected to be a major update (as compared to the iPhone 4S) will help continue Apple's momentum well into next year. Additional product announcements like an iTV might be able to drive further product growth especially if Apple can convince video content providers to bend their way, like they did with music.

My take on the stock - Buy. The new iPad is everything that was rumored.

Disclosure: I am long AAPL.