Citadel's Bet Avrobio Does Not Suit Me At The Moment

About: AVROBIO, Inc. (AVRO)
by: Wilsonville Capital
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Wilsonville Capital
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Hedge fund Citadel and BioMarin Pharmaceutical are shareholders of AVROBIO.

Morgan Stanley, Cowen, Wells Fargo and Wedbush Pacgrow will help the company sell 22,313,687 shares at $16-$18 per share.

If the shares trade at $17, the cash per share represents 30% of the stock price.

Brilliant people are working in the company, and they have the contacts in the industry. But their research is at the early stage.

Having Citadel and BioMarin Pharmaceutical (NASDAQ:BMRN) among the shareholders will, in my view, retain the attention of institutional traders. Adding the previous expertise of the management, I believe that the company is very