Despegar Remains Expensive After The Recent Selloff

Jun. 18, 2018 9:29 AM, Corp. (DESP)14 Comments
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  • I perform a qualitative analysis of the business prospects of DESP.
  • Brand recognition and partnership with prominent Latin American firms should provide DESP with an edge in the online travel market.
  • I estimate the appropriate PE multiple to be approximately 26.5.
  • Based on the calculated PE multiple, I find the company overvalued by about 10%.
  • Since the calculated fair value and current price don't differ very much, I can conclude that DESP is currently in the fairly to slightly overvalued range.

In this article, I'll attempt to perform a valuation on (NYSE:DESP). And as you'll see, the company appears to be trading at a higher-than-justified PE multiple.

Qualitative factors

The company is an online travel agency. It profits from the selling of airline tickets and hotel bookings. DESP operates across all of Latin America and has excellent brand recognition with customers.

In fact, it's well ahead of its competitors with regards to brand recognition. As of December 2017, outranked all its competitors. In other words, DESP has better brand recognition than Booking (BKNG), Trivago (TRVG), CVC, Airbnb (AIRB), and TripAdvisor (TRIP). According to DESP, these figures are based on Google's Share of Voice Report based on Google Trends data (search keywords).

Source: Explained in the paragraph above

Regarding its ownership structure, a majority of shares are controlled by the investment firm Tiger Global (46%). After that, Expedia (EXPE) is another significant shareholder in Expedia holds roughly 15% of the stock. Since Expedia is another travel technology company, the backing of this company is particularly interesting. At this time, there are no concrete "synergies" presented between and Expedia, but in the future, it's likely that they'll cooperate to boost each other's results. Moreover, the backing of a trustworthy investment firm with a long track record of success like Tiger Global adds certainty to the DESP's business model and prospects.

Source: fact sheet.

The publicly traded shares of account for approximately 20% of the company's floating shares. Unfortunately, this might be a negative factor in the company's valuation. I say this because any investor will only have a minority stake in the total equity through the publicly traded shares, and this might discourage activist investors and institutional firms that would otherwise hold management accountable. Nevertheless, Tiger Global and Expedia will probably be reliable and

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