Explaining The Carnage In The Solar Sector (Video)

by: Sven Carlin


We can learn so much about cycles, market sentiment and investing from the current solar sector downturn.

Past market darlings like FSLR and SEDG, are down 27% and 33% over the last few weeks, respectively.

However, solar represents an amazing investing opportunity in the long term.

I have been researching the solar sector (TAN) for a few weeks now. What is interesting is that since I’ve started doing in-depth research, sentiment towards solar stocks has completely shifted. Stocks like First Solar (FSLR), SolarEdge (SEDG) and SMA Solar (OTCPK:SMTGF) went from being the market's darlings to being the most hated stocks out there.

Enjoy the following video where I discuss:

  • What's been going on in the sector and explain why solar stocks have fallen.
  • How analysts quickly switch from buy recommendations to sell recommendations.
  • How to invest in such a volatile sector and the key factors to look at.

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