Shopify Is A Massive Churn Factory And Is Going To Be Hit By Facebook Hard. Price Target $60

Jun. 27, 2018 9:19 AM ETShopify Inc. (SHOP), SHOP:CAMETA, SQ, WIX215 Comments
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  • Shopify customer churn is monstrous, and we will show it, and hence, SHOP has no way to deserve an EV/REV multiple like other SaaS companies.
  • Shopify is buying its massive revenue growth through acquiring very large quantities of low quality customers.
  • Shopify will not be able to improve its operating leverage by cutting its massive sales and marketing spend. Otherwise, growth would grind to a halt.
  • Facebook is going after low-quality stores advertising in its news feed, and we believe this will have a significant impact on Shopify's GMV and revenue.

[Update - July 1, 2018]: On Friday June 29, we discovered a mistake in the second of the two churn models we used in this report. Because of our conscience we believe it is correct to issue a revision that can be found here. Based on correcting the mistake, we now believe that 77% of customers churn off before reaching their first anniversary as opposed to 85% in the original report. Also, our estimate of customer lifetime of newly acquired customers goes from 14 months to 15.58 months. We also raise our price target from $60 to $65.


Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) is a high-flying SaaS e-commerce company focusing on the SMB segment which floated in May 2015 at $17 and currently trades at $153 as of June 25. It hence boasts a $16.27 billion market cap and an Enterprise Value of $14.77 billion (it has $1.5 billion in cash), according to Yahoo Finance. Shopify has become a Wall Street darling due to its hypergrowth, showing 65% revenue growth as recently as its last quarterly earnings on May 1, 2018. The company is guiding to revenues of $1 billion this year and is trading at a sky-high EV/2018 rev multiple of 14.77x, according to Bloomberg. The majority of Shopify’s revenue is not subscription license revenue but merchant solutions revenue with a much lower gross margin. It isn’t profitable and spends 61% of its gross margin just on sales and marketing. Wall Street expects Shopify to eventually become highly profitable by cutting S&M spend and spreading its R&D and General & Administrative costs across a much larger revenue base with revenue nicely stable and predictable due to its SaaS subscription nature. Shopify management have been very skillful in supporting this picture.

In this report, we will attempt to prove that Wall Street has

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