IBM: The Big Blue Innovator Will Lead A Technological Revolution

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  • IBM received a record-breaking 9,043 U.S patents in 2017.
  • 1,400+ artificial intelligence and 1,900+ cloud technology patents awarded in 2017.
  • 50% of the world's telecommunications IT infrastructure is managed by IBM Services.
  • 87% of all credit card transactions and almost $8 trillion in payments are supported by IBM Z systems.
  • $6.28 annualized payout has 18 years of dividend growth and a dividend yield of 4.52%.

International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) has transformed into the Big Blue Innovator which will provide significant upside to their share price while paying large consistent dividends as the technological landscape evolves. When an organization has existed for more than a century, they must reinvent themselves from time to time. Some analysts and Seeking Alpha contributors consider IBM to be a boring and stale technology company, while I see them as an overlooked and undervalued diamond in the rough. IBM has rejuvenated its organization to play a key role in reshaping the business landscape of the future while returning to growth and generating returns which will leave shareholders smiling from ear to ear.

IBM’s massive portfolio of patents is only getting bigger and more relevant

2017 marked the 25th consecutive year the Big Blue Innovator has led the world in U.S patents issued. IBM received a record-breaking 9,043 U.S patents in 2017. Almost half of the patents issued to Big Blue in 2017 are advancing artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, quantum computing, cybersecurity and other technologies which will not only change how the world works but the infrastructure which business is based on. Five of the patents from 2017 which are shaping the future are:

U.S Patent 9,560,075 – Luring Hackers

  • Cybersecurity technology that enables AI systems to lure malicious hackers with email exchanges and websites that divert their attacks

U.S. Patent 9,601,104 - Personalizing AI Communication

  • A system that analyzes, interprets and mirrors a user’s unique speech and linguistic traits

U.S. Patent 9,755,923 - Forecasting Cloud Resources

  • A system to predict cloud computing needs, based on human behaviors and current events

U.S. Patent 9,818,064 - Improving Quantum Signal Fidelity

  • A method for improving a quantum computer’s ability to read signals, which can lead to efficiency in the system’s components

U.S. Patent 9,824,031 - Speeding

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