Take Advantage Of Poor Market Sentiment And Buy Esperion Therapeutics

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About: Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. (ESPR)
by: WCM Equity Research
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Bempedoic Acid will be a winner in the LDL-C reduction and cardiovascular disease prevention markets, as both a monotherapy and add-on to existing treatments.

Shares have sold off nearly 50% from their highs based on misinterpreted safety data, despite these deaths being partially unrelated to the drug, as demonstrated by Esperion management.

Most of the downside risk has already been priced into shares, leaving a large amount of upside for those looking to buy shares of Esperion Therapeutics.


In early May, Esperion Therapeutics (ESPR) released data from their first Phase III clinical trial, investigating their lead agent, bempedoic acid, in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia. The drug met its primary endpoint,