Tech Stocks Madness: BlackBerry And Twilio Have The Same Market Cap

About: BlackBerry Limited (BB), Includes: TWLO
by: Gio Danisi
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Gio Danisi
Long only, value, long-term horizon

BlackBerry bears usually compare the formerly Canadian tech giant to the actual tech giants in order to support their bearish narrative.

Of course, these comparisons are senseless, given the huge difference in business and market capitalization size between BlackBerry and its non-peers.

On the contrary, if we make a fair comparison, it will clearly appear how undervalued BlackBerry is in comparison to its true equals, like Twilio Inc.

Consequently, BlackBerry holds an enormous upside potential, which will completely come about when its sales accelerate significantly.

According to a popular narrative, it would be unwise to bet on BlackBerry Ltd. (NYSE:BB), since its business is tiny compared to the real tech winners listed on Wall Street, such as Facebook