Home Depot Should Buy Kingfisher

About: Kingfisher plc (KGFHY), Includes: HD
by: Income Machine
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Home Depot and Kingfisher are very similar businesses. Only the Atlantic Ocean divides them. Europe can provide a major growth runway for Home Depot.

Where Home Depot's share price has nearly tripled over 5 years, Kingfisher's has dropped about 30%. Now is the time to acquire fundamentally strong Kingfisher on the cheap.

Uncertainty in the U.K. has spooked investor sentiment. This deal will demonstrate that international business/deals will continue allaying international concerns and inspiring England domestically.

These two companies are very closely aligned, and I explain why this marriage is long overdue.

Take a look at the quote below and guess where it's attributable:

Did you guess Ikea? Home Depot (NYSE:HD)? Lowe's (NYSE:LOW)? Maybe even Wayfair (NYSE:W)? Reasonable guesses all, but