Johnson & Johnson: Floodgates And Tidal Waves

About: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Includes: SPY
by: David Pinsen
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Last year, the Financial Times warned of a "tidal wave" of opioid lawsuits about to hit JNJ; in its Q1 10-Q JNJ acknowledged more than 300 of them.

Now JNJ has been hit with a $4.69 billion judgment in a lawsuit about talcum powder alleged to cause cancer, and Bloomberg warns it may open floodgates for more lawsuits.

In light of this, I present a couple of ways JNJ shareholders can limit their risk while staying long. I also discuss a source of ideas for those considering exiting.

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Tidal Waves And Floodgates

Last August, the Financial Times warned that a "tidal wave" of opioid-related lawsuits was headed for Johnson & Johnson (