In Gold We Trust 2018: 3 Turning Tides In The Global Monetary Order

by: Gregor Gregersen

First tide: Change in monetary policy.

Second tide: Change in global monetary order.

Third tide: Digitization of money.

SBTV's latest guest is Ronald Stoeferle, Managing Partner at Incrementum AG. He is the co-author of the In Gold We Trust report. In this interview, Ronald highlights three turning tides in the global monetary order that is already happening now and will have profound impact globally in the years ahead.

Discussed in this interview:

  • 08:09 First tide: Change in monetary policy
  • 12:44 Bursting of the 'Everything Bubble'
  • 18:05 Second tide: Change in global monetary order
  • 23:54 Dethroning the dollar as reserve currency
  • 34:09 NIRP cannot work without abolishing cash
  • 37:14 Cryptos: Consequence of distrust in fiat money
  • 39:00 Third tide: Digitization of money
  • 47:17 Gold on the blockchain

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