Marketplace Blog Spotlight: July

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July offers lots of reasons to celebrate - including new blog posts highlighting solid investing ideas and strategies from our Marketplace authors.

A lot of these ideas are under-the-radar names that were highlighted on the authors' Marketplace services, then shared on their blogs.

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Some might equate July with a boring, sultry, long summer month, but in addition to fireworks and cookouts, it brings us many other reasons to celebrate. Here are some interesting facts about the seventh month of the year:

  • It's National Hot Dog and National Ice Cream month (how apropos for summer),
  • Shark Week airs on the Discovery Channel,
  • the first Saturday in July is Dia del Amigo in Peru, and International Hugs Day,
  • Mexico celebrates National Tree Day on the second Thursday, and
  • the third Monday is Children's Day in Cuba, Panama, and Venezuela.

July is National Ice Cream Month There's so much summer fun to celebrate in July, including National Ice Cream Month. Source

See, there's lots to be excited about in July! If that wasn't enough, here's one more thing: our Marketplace authors have been prolifically creating content for their blogs this month, bringing to light a whole new crop of investment ideas and strategies. We've personally curated a list of the most current insights from several of our Marketplace authors. Many of these were likely shared first with members of their private investing communities on their Marketplace services; now they're available for all readers.

We've broken the list down by sector to make it easy for you to find the authors, sectors, and ideas that interest you:


The Biotech Forum author Bret Jensen revisits his thesis on Reata Pharmaceuticals (RETA) - only one of two stocks in his model portfolios for both The Biotech Forum and The Insiders Forum. At the time the blog was published on July 24, 2018, RETA shares had rocketed 65% on encouraging mid-stage trial results. Reata is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing therapeutics to address serious and life-threatening diseases with therapies by targeting molecular pathways that regulate cellular metabolism and inflammation. Bret likes RETA long term, but suggests waiting for a pullback to establish an initial position.

Data Driven & Statistical Investing

Ruerd Heeg spotlights China Green Agriculture (CGA), an extremely inexpensive stock trading at, in his words, "maximum pessimism." He's been following the name for a long time. The fertilizer producer has a strong balance sheet, but on the downside, it's also got fraud allegations, accounting red flags, and VIEs, and the company remains undervalued largely due to management inaction. There aren't any catalysts, Ruerd notes, but that's part of the reason he likes it. That, and there's a 10x asymmetric upside, even though it's a highly binary bet. Ruerd is a statistical investor, and he helps others benefit from his approach and profit from cheap, unloved stocks; net nets; nanocaps and more opportunities like China Green Agriculture on his Marketplace service, Global Deep Value Stocks.

Dividends & Income

Alpha Gen Capital offers a look at closed-end fund discounts and the opportunities they present, highlighting his thoughts on different sectors from equity to fixed income CEFs, and citing high yield as an attractive place to open positions. Yield Hunting: Alternative Income Opportunities is Alpha Gen's Marketplace offering, where he focuses on helping investors who are seeking retirement income construct a solid portfolio of high-yielding securities.

Nicholas Marshi of the BDC Reporter Daily News offers clarifications on an earlier article he penned on Triangle Capital's (TCAP-OLD) proxy, with commentary directly provided by TCAP CFO Steven Lilly. The July 10th blog post is an insightful read, and a balanced combination of Mr. Lilly's comments juxtaposed with color from Nicholas and the BDC Reporter. The BDC Reporter Daily News on Marketplace offers coverage of all 46 publicly traded BDCs, and provides context, analysis and conclusions to can help subscribers make better, and better-informed, investment decisions.


In his July 16 blog post, "How Were Today's Retail Sales?", Eric Basmajian delves beyond the headline numbers to explain what they mean for investors interested in the sector. The post is an abbreviated version of the full Daily Data Flash - one of three weekly reports provided to members of his service, EPB Macro Research. The Marketplace service also offers a model portfolio, on which Eric provides monthly updates.


J Mintzmyer reviews dry bulk spot rates, the impact of Chinese tariffs, and spotlights some dry bulk ideas in this brief but informative blog post. J runs Value Investor's Edge on Marketplace, where he provides deep value research in the shipping, midstream, and industrials sectors.

Value Digger's real-time followers were rewarded in July with a recommendation on Cardinal Energy (OTC:CRLFF), an intermediate oil-weighted energy producer traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It also offers an 8% dividend, a healthy balance sheet, low key metrics and a quality management team. It's also a takeover target with some potential upside. He covers mining, energy, consumer goods, healthcare, industrials and more in Value Investor's Stock Club.


Courage & Conviction Investing details how he sold Macy's (M) and reaped a 75% return in 55 weeks. He discusses high-conviction, rewarding investing ideas - often contrary to market sentiment - and eats his own cooking on his Marketplace service, Market Adventures, where he also alerted subscribers to his sell decision on M in real time.

Erich Reimer dissects the phasing out of U.S. tax credits for Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA). The tech expert explains how the electric car maker's revenues have been buoyed by the tax credit, and breaks down how similar situations in other nations have played out for Tesla. Erich provides subscribers of his service, Tech Investment Insights, informed, comprehensive, and insightful analysis of the latest technology trends and how they affect sectors, companies, and the related investment opportunities and risks.

The Fortune Teller had a look at the fall-out from Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) sell-off and how The Wheel of FORTUNE were positioned for the bump in the road. The service is focused on trading ideas and opportunities based on fundamental positioning, so an event like a 20% earnings sell-off in a market leader is one the author is often watching out for.


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