Recent Stock Purchase: July 2018

Includes: ABBV, SBUX
by: Divhut

Originally posted July 20, 2018

Been away on a family road trip for ten days across Arizona and haven't been paying too much attention to the markets as of late which is why I have not made my July buy till now. Looking at my July stock considerations, I was really pining for some Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) after that stock was taken to the woodshed several weeks ago and has since rebounded nicely from its recent low. I still might pick some SBUX next week though if prices remain around $50. Instead, I went with another stock that was recently beaten down and has been a favorite hold of mine for a while. I always say that you can never predict when Mr. Market may throw a good sale your way. With that being said:

I have added to my taxable account 6 shares at $88.76 for a total investment of $532.56 in AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:ABBV). With this recent purchase my taxable account holdings in ABBV now totals 142.9737 shares with a market value of $12,711.79. This was a commission-free trade.

What do you think about my recent buy? I already know that many of you have picked up SBUX recently and wonder if ABBV will make your July buy list as well. Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long SBUX, ABBV.