Nothing Exempt Interview With Dr. Harald Malmgren

Includes: FXI, RSX, SPY, VGK
by: Nicholas Pardini


We interview economist and trade expert Dr. Harald Malmgren.

Show also features geopolitical expert Jack Mulcaire.

Topics covered include political polarization of the US, the trade war with China, the politics of US-Russian rivalry and more.

In this episode of Nothing Exempt, we did an interview with Dr. Harald Malmgren.

He is a non-partisan expert on trade, politics, and international relations who served in four different presidential administrations (Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford). In this interview, we discuss the trade war, how Xi is expected to react to increased aggression on tariffs, the politics behind US-Russian relations, and why political polarization has heated up so much since the 1980s.

Link to the Podcast


1:30 - Thoughts on Trump and his trade wars versus Europe (VGK) and China (FXI)

7:30 - Xi Jinping's expected reaction to trade news and how he handles governance generally

22:20 - Harald's role in Kennedy admin and opinion on what caused Vietnam war to escalate

27:40 - Financialization of the economy and the resulting political polarization in the US (SPY)

34:19 - The roots of the US-Russia post Cold War rivalry and animosity (RSX)

43:18 - Biggest political challenges of 21st century (inequality, industry concentration, and who will pay excess debts in the economy). These are political not pure economic questions.

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