S&P 500 Weekly Update: Earnings Matter, The Bull Market Pushes Higher


  • Sector rotation is a key now as it keeps the overall market healthy.
  • Avoid the noise, earnings matter, and so far they are not disappointing.
  • Investors should avoid trying to outguess the market. The best strategy to date has been to take what the market gives you and stay the course.
  • It is a mistake to let politics enter into the investment picture, despite the urge to do just that.
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"Planning is about bringing the future into the present, so you can do something about it now." - Alan Lakein

Mistakes, for those that have plenty of experience in the markets, it’s no great revelation that we have made mistakes, lots of them. Miscues are part of the game and they have to be accepted. Investors also need to realize the fact that in this game you will find yourself making the same mistake over and over. That is the human emotion machine at work and it takes a long time to break that cycle.

Benjamin Graham is the father of value investing, Warren Buffett’s mentor, and the author of the greatest and/or most read financial book ever, ”The Intelligent Investor”. A little know fact is that Mr. Graham made some huge mistakes. And not only did he get destroyed, he did so through the use of leverage;

“In 1930, thinking the worst was over, Graham went all in and then some. He used margin to leverage what he thought would be terrific returns. But the worst was not over, and when the Dow collapsed, Graham had his worst year ever, losing 50%. He personally was wiped out in the crash. Having ducked the 1929 cataclysm, he was enticed back into the market before the final bottom. In the four years from 1929 to the bottom in 1932, Graham lost 70%.”

Before any investor embarks on a strategy they have to know themselves, understand and play to their personality strengths. Above all, don’t blame the market or someone else for a mistake. Be brutally honest with yourself.

Then there are the situations where no matter how much we may have prepared for a certain outcome, an event could come along an turn that plan upside down. It happens. Investing isn't easy.

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Additional disclosure: This article contains my views of the equity market and what strategy and positioning is comfortable for me. Of course, it is not suited for everyone, there are far too many variables. Hopefully it sparks ideas, adds some common sense to the intricate investing process, and makes investors feel more calm, putting them in control.

The opinions rendered here, are just that – opinions – and along with positions can change at any time.
As always I encourage readers to use common sense when it comes to managing any ideas that I decide to share with the community. Nowhere is it implied that any stock should be bought and put away until you die. Periodic reviews are mandatory to adjust to changes in the macro backdrop that will take place over time.

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