Hedge Your U.S. Equities Portfolio With Emerging-Market ETFs

About: iShares Emerging Markets Dividend ETF (DVYE), EEM, Includes: AAPL, AMZN, BABA, IEMG, QQQ, SCHE, SPHD, SPY, SSNLF, TCEHY, VWO
by: And Value for All
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And Value for All
Long only, value, growth at reasonable price, long-term horizon

Exposure to EM markets is beneficial to reduce concentration risk in US equities;

Considering broad EM exposure: EEM vs. VWO and other peers;

An alternative income strategy: DVYE results vs. EEM.


Nowadays, most equity portfolios are overweight towards large US companies like Amazon (AMZN) or Apple (AAPL). The leaning can be intended because it makes sense for an average Joe to