5 Amazing Stocks Returning 12+% To Buy And Ignore For A Decade (Dividend Sensei)

Includes: BEP, BIP, ENB, MMM, NEP
by: Brian Bain

If Dividend Sensei could only have a 5 stock portfolio, he would include 3M, NextEra Energy, Brookfield Infrastructure, Brookfield Renewable, and Enbridge.

Selections have a 4.7% average dividend with a 59% cash flow payout ratio.

Selections have long-term dividend growth of 10.1% for next 10+ years.

Total expected return of the portfolio is 14.8% per year.

Quadruple your dividend portfolio over the next decade.

The story behind the interview...

If you could only invest in 5 stocks, which 5 would you pick? That was the question I challenged Dividend Sensei with.

As expected, he did not disappoint.

For those who prefer to read, my full interview notes are copied below.

Interview notes:

If Dividend Sensei could only have a 5 stock portfolio…

  • Qualifications for making the cut:

    • Must be a stock you could buy and ignore for a decade

    • Yield is important: Safe 4+% yield is the dream, an unsafe dividend is not worth owning, "share price is vanity, cash flow is sanity"

    • Stable and recession resistant: Defensive, cash flow under long-term contracts, not dependent on consumer spending

    • Strong balance sheet relative to industry

    • Management: Need to trust management knows what it is doing, long-term focused with a track record for delivering

    • Growing dividend: 4% and growing faster than inflation is key

  • 3M (MMM)

    • Note: Dividend Sensei and I discussed 3M in a previous interview

    • 2.7% yield (lowest on the list) with a 10% long-term dividend growth potential and almost 60 years of continuous dividend increases

    • They have their hands in every major growth trend with over 60,000 products in over 200 countries

    • 3M has averaged a total annual return of 12.2% for 30 years and expects to continue

  • NextEra Energy Partners (NEP)

    • Yields 3.8% with a cash flow payout ratio of 28%

    • 37% growth in cash flow this quarter

    • Parent company builds solar and wind projects at a fast pace and sets up 20-30 year inflation adjusted contracts, then sells to NEP who gets cash flow

    • Expect a 12-15% payout growth through the end of 2023 (Cash flow is growing faster than payout ratio)

    • Have 3.5 gigawatts of solar and wind projects today and the parent company has 28 now and will have 40 between 2020-2040. There is a giant backlog in the process with the potential to fuel growth

    • NEP has great bear market protection with self-amortizing non-recourse loans at the project level. They will lever up $1 in equity and borrow $4 to buy projects. Lenders can only go after individual projects in the event of an unlikely default. As a result, they have no dependency on equity markets for funding

    • Can grow cash flow at 30-40% per year for 10+ years

    • Next Era is expecting to grow US solar capacity by over 40% by 2025

    • Annual total growth of 19%

  • Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP)

    • Note: Dividend Sensei and I discussed BIP in a previous interview

    • 4.7% yield and 95% of cash flow is from long-term contracts or regulated industries

    • Managed by Brookfield "The Berkshire of Infrastructure"

    • Have grown distributions by 11% since formed 10 years ago and analysts expect this to be 9% going forward

    • Expects 12-15% annual total growth going forward

  • Brookfield Renewable Partners (BEP)

    • Like BIP but focus on renewable energy: wind, hydro, solar, storage

    • Yield 6.4% with a payout ratio of 79% (long-term goal is 70%)

    • Currently has 16 gigawatts of renewable energy, largely hydropower, and expects to expand by 8 gigawatts in coming years

    • Their business model is to buy up high quality, distressed, high moat assets at big discounts

    • Growing cash flow at 17% per year, has a BBB+ credit rating, a strong balance sheet, and strong access to capital

    • Looking at 12-15% long-term annual total growth

  • Enbridge Inc (ENB)

    • The "Berkshire of Midstream"

    • Own North America's largest distribution system for energy resources (oil, NG, etc)

    • 99% of cash flow is long-term contracts of 20-30 years. Contracts are with mostly utilities. They get paid no matter what happens and therefore, have no commodity sensitivity

    • BBB+ credit rating, strong balance sheet

    • Pay 6% dividend (grow by 10% each year) with a 65% payout ratio and aim to reduce to 55%

    • Have a 100% self-funded business model, so they are not sensitive to equity markets

    • Expect 14% annual total return

  • Using Gordon dividend growth model to calculate annual total return (the method also used by Brookfield)

    • Stock starts at fair value and the payout ratio remains constant

    • The dividend will grow as fast as earnings and cash flow

    • Bases total returns on current yield and growth rate of cash flow which is equal to growth in dividend

  • Summary of the 5 stock portfolio selections...

    • 4.7% avg. dividend with a 59% cash flow payout ratio

    • Long-term dividend growth of 10.1% for next 10+ years

    • Total expected return of 14.8% per year

    • Quadruple your investment over next decade

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