At $1 Trillion, Apple's Growth May Just Be Beginning

About: Apple Inc. (AAPL)
by: Erich Reimer
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Erich Reimer
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Apple's strong Q3 2018 earnings report sent the stock soaring, not only because of company-wide performance but because the right segments and metrics all showed vibrancy and continued potential.

While iPhone X was derided for its high price point and functionality changes, a large and sustainable market of consumers seems interested, and this could provide continued smartphone growth.

Services and "other" blew past already-optimistic expectations, buoyed by Apple Watch, the App store, iCloud, Apple Music, and Apple Care, and are making a real impact on Apple's enterprise-wide bottom line.

Even at $1 trillion, Apple is showing it may still have serious growth in store as its smartphones and eclectic mix of other services and products continue to gain ground.

Apple's (AAPL) Q3 2018 earnings last week were exceptionally strong by most accounts, with year-on-year revenue and EPS growth at of 17% and 40.5%, respectively. However the real gem in Apple's earnings, which