Musk's Irrational Obsession With Short Sellers Is Hurting Tesla Shareholders

About: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)
by: Vince Martin
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Vince Martin
Long/short equity, value, gambling

The continuing focus by CEO Elon Musk - and Tesla bulls - on short sellers leads to poor decision-making.

The argument that "quarterly earnings cycles" are negative for Tesla as a company is belied by the market's treatment of other growth stocks like Amazon and Netflix.

A buyout is not good news for long-term Tesla bulls, and the idea of public shareholders maintaining shares in a private Tesla looks close to a fiction.

Tesla's story can play out in the public markets - if Musk starts shutting out the noise.

Up front, I have no position in Tesla (TSLA), and never have. But I've followed the intensely-debated story for some time, since I believe Tesla, as a stock, is the most fascinating story