Nvidia Q2 Earnings Are Not What They Seem To Be

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  • Nvidia results suggest that the company pulled in substantial amount of revenue in to Q2 to make the quarter.
  • The soft Q3 guidance is primarily a result of the Q2 pull in.
  • While Nvidia is a terrific company, with the crypto tailwind gone, it is now on a lower growth trajectory and overvalued.

Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) met its Q2 guidance of $3.1B +/- 2% and Gross Margin guidance of 63.3%/63.5% - right on the money it would appear. Operating expenses were also in-line. Tax expense came in 4% below guidance and was the key driver of the earnings upside. (all images from Nvidia CFO commentary)

But, appearances can be deceptive.

From a segment level, as expected, the OEM&IP segment took a big hit and was down 70% to $271M (image below). However, on a surprising note, gaming revenue at $1.8B came in much stronger than what we expected.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, CFO commentary says that:

However, this commentary is misleading. It does not point to total crypto exposure but only shows the impact on "crypto specific products". As we discuss below, it appears that Nvidia had about $600-700M of total crypto degradation across its OEM&IP and Gaming product lines.

Firstly, we note that the gaming growth shown during the quarter is not credible. When you have a 70% drop in the OEM and IP segment due to crypto, management wants investors to believe that gaming actually strengthened. This is not possible because a sizable amount of crypto cards are bought through "gaming" GPUs. Checks throughout the quarter have shown deteriorating ASPs for Nvidia gaming cards which have been increasingly used of late for crypto mining. GPU AIB vendors have also posted significant revenue drops for Q2. Is it possible that Nvidia gaming revenue grew in spite of this clear crypto headwind?

We do not believe so. What appears to have happened here is that Nvidia pulled in a substantial amount of revenue from Q3 to Q2 to make the quarter. This view is backed up by several key metrics:

  • Nvidia Q3 guidance of $3.2B is essentially flat. In a quarter where the company should

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