Trader's Workshop Ep. 001 - What I Got Wrong

by: Adam Grimes

This past week, I finally re-launched my podcast series. You can find the podcast, Trader's Workshop, on all the major podcast outlets. I'm excited about returning to podcasting. I took about a year off while Tom and I focused on launching two new companies: MarketLife and Talon. With both of them now up and running, I had a little extra time to devote to this project.

I have been amazed at the feedback I've gotten from the first podcast series - people telling me they listen to episodes over and over, traders telling me one specific episode (not the same episode… I've heard this about many of them) was the missing piece that took them from years of struggle to profitability, and listeners drawing many connections between my work and their own experiences. I think the podcast format is a powerful communication.

I'm shaping this new series a bit differently than the old one. You'll find it to be a bit more finance-focused (probably no podcasts on coffee, but one never knows…) and also created for the more serious trader/investor. This will let me get deeper into concepts and tools. Though I will definitely have episodes or miniseries for the beginner, even those will include depth for very experienced traders.

The old podcast was called MarketLife. It's still floating around out there, but I'm going to be covering many of the same topics again. I'd suggest focusing on the new podcast as it will be better than the old one because I've learned a few things in recent years.

And that's where Trader's Workshop starts: with a look at what I got right and what I got wrong, starting in episode one.