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Tesla: Additional Things We Now Know About Elon Musk

Sep. 06, 2018 1:28 PM ETTesla, Inc. (TSLA)204 Comments
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Kevin Wenck, CFA


  • Elon Musk ended the sideshow by grandly announcing that his loyal shareholder base would prefer that the company remain public.
  • Without providing any facts, Musk continued to claim that funding was available to take the company private.
  • We can only speculate about why Musk made the original announcement, but the series of events displays more examples of Musk’s irresponsible behavior.
  • Although Musk is revered as a “visionary leader” among Tesla supporters, the latest episode shows how little Musk is concerned about reality.


After a tumultuous period of hugely volatile swings in Tesla's stock (NASDAQ:TSLA) set in motion by Elon Musk's August 7 announcement of "Taking Tesla Private," there was a "Staying Public" blog post on August 24 that announced that Tesla will remain a public company. I found all of this absurdly comical given that a company with over $11 billion of debt (and negative working capital!) definitely needs an ongoing lifeline to possibly available capital in public securities market, but somehow the idea seemed to be believable to many people.

The fact that there was absolutely no possibility that the current shareholder base could have supported such a transaction or that capital was actually available to "buy out" shareholders not wishing to participate in such a transaction now offers an additional perspective on Musk's previously irresponsible claims and projections about Tesla's operating activities throughout its history.

As for Tesla's continually missed targets, forecasts, and projections concerning its operating activities and financial projections (Bill Maurer has an excellent summary of such unfulfilled statements), a more benign perspective could have been that "the world is a complicated place and not everything will go according to plan." Tesla supporters have seemed to continually have such a benevolent view of Musk's unfulfilled timelines and statements even though the financial reality of such unfilled statements had totaled over $5.7 billion in operating losses over its history.

Now that Musk has made similarly outlandish and now unfulfilled "projections" about the possible future capital and corporate structure of Tesla, I believe all of the earlier unfulfilled statements and projections about operating activities should be viewed from a much more critical perspective. Essentially, in my opinion, Elon Musk is willing to say and do anything to manipulative the narrative about Tesla into having people believe what he would like them to believe. The latest episode

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