Cryptocurrencies Are Plunging - Is This The End? (Video)

by: Robert Kientz

The CCI30 Index is down nearly 75% in 2018.

A potential Bitcoin price manipulation scheme (using Tether) was uncovered by University of Texas researchers.

China, South Korea, Facebook and Google crackdowns have tamped down the global demand for the cryptos.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

In the following video presentation, I go over some recent 2018 developments in the cryptocurrency space that have put a serious damper on the overall market.

The index of the top 30 cryptos has fallen precipitously since the January 7, 2018 high of 20,796.

Further, government and tech company crackdowns on advertising and anonymous use of cryptocurrencies are weakening the attractiveness of the space for new investors.

The video explains why my previous expectations for this generation of cryptocurrencies is playing out much as I thought it would and discusses a bit about what may be the required attributes for a successful third generation of digital currencies to emerge.

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