Ep. 72 - Cryptocurrency, Blockchain And Institutional Research For New Asset Class With Tom Shaughnessy

by: Planet MicroCap Podcast

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I welcome back Tom Shaughnessy to the program. When we first spoke, we discussed the importance of stock screeners and how to use them. Since then, Tom was an equity analyst at Oppenheimer for a couple years, honing his due diligence and research skills. I decided to have Tom back on because he recently started a new venture called, 51Percent Crypto Research - "51pct.io", where he is providing institutional-grade research covering the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. While I've done an interview covering ICOs on here, I have yet to do a full-on, "crypto-dedicated" episode, and we do our best to cover a lot of ground. The goal for this episode is to define cryptocurrency, blockchain and try to get a better understanding as to how to value this new asset class.