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The Rose 96 Stock Portfolio Due Diligence Criteria Exposed Along With Some Value Buys



  • Purchase candidate results are exposed using the Rose portfolio of 96 stocks and the criteria of quality, 5 year dividend growth rate and yield, and newly added earnings per share.
  • The criteria only offer success measurements for past performance and I offer a view into the future through earnings growth forecast.
  • Best Value due diligence is also shown using P/E, price valuation and analyst purchase finalists with Fast Graphs.
  • Presented are 3 new buys including Fast Graphs and all my costs per share for all holdings.

First and foremost, my investing focus has been to build a portfolio of quality blue chip mostly defensive common stock for increased value creation and rising income for the future. The current investments in this portfolio also include RIC (regulated investment companies), high yield, ETFs and fixed income preferred debt. Younger investors may still wish to own high growth stocks without dividends and or low yield ones for capital gains, of which I have been slowly reducing and moving into income providers as just mentioned. It is good to have a plan and stick with it and utilize quality criteria for stock selection.

QUALITY Investment Criteria

A good quality investment to me and many could be evaluated using the following metrics:

-Investment grade credit rating “IG” as noted by a credit rating agency, such as Standard & Poor's, which I obtain from Fast Graphs “FG”.

-Good dividend yield better than the average as found in the S&P 500 currently at 1.7%.

-Good dividend growth unless purposefully bought as pure or fixed income or high yield “HY”.

-Good earnings growth and especially if low yield or a no yield growth stock.

I will delve more into each of these in turn as the article progresses.

S&P credit ratings

The credit rating is a measure or grade of a companies ability to pay back its own debt and its investment worthiness. I use S&P because it is available in FG, a subscriber service I use, so I need go no further. My last article reveals the ratings for individual stocks as shown by sector, so please use that as a reference. It is also important to note 75% of the Rose portfolio value is in common stock and most all are quality IG rated. The remainder or ~ 25% is RIC, ETFs and some fixed income, which generally are not credit

This article was written by

RoseNose profile picture
Retired Pharmacist 2010. My name is Rose and I "Nose or Knows" growing dividends on quality dividend paying stocks will keep portfolio income strong with a primary goal of a minimum solid 4+% yield.  Currently it sits at ~4.6% with ~18% cash awaiting value investing.  Solid total return just happens to follow when buying great quality companies with rising earnings and a margin of safety in price. The Rose Income Garden "RIG" portfolio currently holds 80 stocks/ investments, in all 11 sectors.

I am a Promoting and Contributing author for Macro Trading Factory run by The Macro Teller / The Fortune Teller.  The following list shows the # of stocks in each sector along with the largest holding. All stocks listings and statistics are presented at The Macro Trading Factory service alphabetically with sector, credit ratings, current and forward dividend information, yield, x-dates, pay dates, charts and more. All portfolio changes, sells and buys get a Trading Alert and a service article. 


- Quality, low debt companies with great credit ratings and selling at a fair or better price and with a safe and rising dividend.

- To keep defensive stocks/sectors at 50% Portfolio Income.

- Also needed is continued patience watching and waiting for it to happen. Doing nothing when others panic makes for success! 

Update: July 1, 2023.

How to join Macro Trading Factory: explained here: https://seekingalpha.com/author/the-macro-teller/research.

Sectors and holdings are as suggested by Bloomberg.  Some positions are large and some small ; The service has listings for all 78 and shows all trading moves since inception late in 2021.

The largest holding is listed for each sector :

Consumer Staples (10 stocks): (PM) / Philip Morris

Healthcare (9) : (MRK ) / Merck

Communications- tele (3):  (VZ) / Verizon

Utility (9): (XEL) / Xcel Energy 

Consumer Discretionary (2): (HD) / Home Depot

Energy (7): (ENB) / Enbridge

Tech/ "fin-tech" : (4): (AVGO) / Broadcom

Industrial- Defensive (2): (LMT) / Lockheed Martin

Industrial (6): (SBLK) / Star Bulk Carriers

Material (2) : (FMC) FMC Corp.

Financial: (15):  (10) BDCs/ (ARCC) / Ares Capital, (1) bank, (1) ETF CEF , (1) BDC preferred and (2) mREIT

-Fixed Bond (1):  STWD

-Financial Bond ETF (1): JPST for cash parking

REAL ESTATE (Healthcare REITs): (3) : (OHI)  / Omega Healthcare

REAL ESTATE Misc (6): (SPG) / Simon Property Group 

Cash: ~5.68%

I am a Promoting and Contributing author for Macro Trading Factory run by The Macro Trader.  I also belong to the service Wheel of Fortune run by his alter ego The Fortune Teller.  
Happy Investing to ALL !!!  Rose :))

Analyst’s Disclosure: I am/we are long CAH. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

and all 96 stocks in the charts

Seeking Alpha's Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. No recommendation or advice is being given as to whether any investment is suitable for a particular investor. Any views or opinions expressed above may not reflect those of Seeking Alpha as a whole. Seeking Alpha is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank. Our analysts are third party authors that include both professional investors and individual investors who may not be licensed or certified by any institute or regulatory body.

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Comments (232)

Long+Golf profile picture
Great read Rose. I own 30 stocks and we share 20 of them. Wonder if you might comment on the following....PPL,MSFT,O,LYB,OKE,PM. Thanks
RoseNose profile picture
Hi @Long+Golf -
Thank you for the comment.
I can comment on those, but I really only own PM, which is doing what it normally does...it split from MO and we drip both of those as yet.
I think MSFT and O are very quality companies.
I own neither right now because of overvaluation.
I will get interested in O if it gets to >5% yield. I already own WPC that has a 6% yield and offers international holdings as well. They both are NNN leasers.
I like utilities, but own lots of D and SO, so I don't follow many others.
I just did a quick look at LYB - interesting company, I might have to look longer. Low PO, Low debt and nice dividend yield operating in a sector that I do not have a lot of exposure in...so thanks for the suggestion.
Rose :))
ZAAN profile picture
24 Oct. 2018
Hello @RoseNose and @Long+Golf,

I own/am long LYB and am happy with it. Morning* gives it a Fair Value of $89.19.

Also MSFT. Which M* gives a fair value of $130. I like this one particularly for it's AAA+ credit rating shared only with JNJ (last time I looked)

I added to PM in the summer sometime at $79. M* gives it a Fair Value of $102.

Take care,
RoseNose profile picture
Great to know and thank you for sharing your investing @ZAAN !
Just so you know there is no AAA+ credit rating, but MSFT and JNJ probably do deserve it. They sit at AAA. I give The Fortune Teller AAA+ rating, him and him alone....lol.
Please- if anybody in this crazy and increasingly crazy- you are definite Presidential material-- Look how you handle with the folks who can not do more than 10 companies' stocks--nicely done
The Fortune Teller profile picture
...and this is how a campaign starts! @rado403 ...
Count me in (though I have no vote...)
I'm ok with being in charge of the Ministry of Fortune Telling or, alternatively, the Office of Corn and Roses.
RoseNose profile picture
Thank you @rado403 !
To be considered less crazy than others is perhaps a realyl good thing...
My first duty would be to create the
Dept / Ministry of Good Fortune with a czar that has already volunteered to serve...
Wow, that could be a fun administration.
Appreciate you both for starting the campaign with your 2 votes of confidence which mean a lot to me.
The Fortune Teller profile picture
Hi there lady @RoseNose

Apologies for being $SO (a winner!) late to the 96 party! I was (and still am) on a writing spree; setting few personal bests... :-)

First and foremost, thanks for the mention and reference as always. So very much appreciated!

Secondly, I like your additions this month ($GE, $TCEHY, $TCPC); they look familiar.... :-)

Thirdly, you are anything but simple. It has been a while (over 85.5 years!) since America had a president from Iowa. It's about time the corn State put someone in the oval office.
Vote @RoseNose for becoming the 46th president of the US!

Finally, you love all the high yielders - and rightly so - but everybody should be very minded of the risks that are associated with HY, aseptically these days. The floaters are doing a fine job on the space.

Good luck and it's about time you reach 100 positions!...
RoseNose profile picture
I am ready to sell those HY at a moments notice @The Fortune Teller !
You teach to be prepared and I like to think I have a week or two left to keep many of them....I read, I learn and follow. Just know I and others will keep you company always and have trust in your thoughtful wisdom. I am Not Presidential material, nor have the desire, but thanks for the vote of confidence.
I have been watching your amazing output with some concern for your well being, but do know how much you enjoy your vocation and especially offering warnings when they are due. Carry on and give me no mind, other than the wonderful helpful knowledge you impart to me and others.
God Bless and Happy Investing :)) Rose.
Paul Leibowitz profile picture
Rose (others) ...

Curious to know your take on VOD.

I just bought (more) VOD.

Value Line ranks it with a financial strength rating of B++, and Safety Score of 3. VL projects 3-5 year total *annual* returns of 20-32%.

S&P gives it a credit rating of BBB+

M* assigns a FV of $32 (well above today's price).

VOD's yield is over 8% because the stock price has tanked a lot.

Why the tank? In large part due to the strong USD, not the business.

VOD can easily pay the dividend out of Operating Cash Flow, but not FCF or EPS .... mainly because of the very large investments it's making.

In VOD's chosen currency (Euro), the annual increases have a spectacular record ....

23 years as found here:

More data, here:

Not everyone's cup of tea. But, this seems to me to be a company that is doing well in the currencies of other nations (Euros).

My bet is that the USD will not strengthen greatly from this time out several years and that Ray Dalio is correct ... that the USD will begin to weaken by 2 years from today.

Meanwhile, a starting yield of 8%+ isn't hard to take even if it grows around 2%/year, while waiting for M*'s fair value of $32 to materialize (if ever).

Anyway, I'm curious to learn what others think.

RoseNose profile picture
Hi Paul and thank you for stopping in and asking a great ?
VOD is an interesting t-com. I have considered it myself, but I just got into BCE (CDN). I agree mostly with what you say and think it is a good candidate for purchase now near $21. Good Luck..Rose
ZAAN profile picture
12 Oct. 2018
@Paul Leibowitz

This just published and remembered you asking about it: seekingalpha.com/...

Only telecom I have is TU (Telus Canada)

Wishing you all the best.
Paul Leibowitz profile picture

Thank you for the link to Nick Mackintosh's Oct. 10th article.

It makes sense. He wrote:

"FCF no longer covers the dividend unless cash flow from operations increases or cash savings and reductions in capital expenditures can generate the additional €1.4 billion Vodafone has spent."

I studied FCF before buying VOD and came to the conclusion that FCF is highly likely to improve because VOD is reducing investments following completion of its Project Spring program to improve its networks in Europe and other markets, as mentioned in this article.

Nick Mackintosh then goes on to say "After doing some digging, there are signs that show Vodafone can generate the additional €1.4 billion." He shows where half the money could easily come from ... and then writes: "Vodafone still has €13.46 billion in cash and short-term investments on its balance sheet, it could easily afford to keep the dividend without cutting it, provided they don't miscalculate their expenditures for 2020."

As mentioned in my post above, VOD is close to being a dividend champion in its native currency. I believe they will try hard to maintain their record and that they have the ability to increase FCF.

VOD does have problems with India. I am amazed that India passed a retroactive ruling demanding payment of past taxes. I hven't been able to figure out what would happen if VOD settled and paid the cash.

M* writes: "the Indian government continues to seek $2.5 billion in taxes for Vodafone's acquisition of Hutchison Essar in 2007, despite the Indian Supreme Court ruling that the money is not owed."

Value Line's Sept 14, 2018 report is at odds with a Jefferies report saying that the dividend is at risk of a cut.

VL writes: "Financial Strength rating remains solid, at B++. At the conclusion of fiscal 2017 (ended last March 31st), cash and equivalents were in the neighborhood of $5.7 billion. Furthermore, long-term debt resided at a manageable 33% of total capital, and short-term commitments did not present a major stumbling block. Finally, there were two revolving credit facilities aggregating $8.8 billion (both of which mature in several years). As a result, the company seems quite capable of bolstering its market positions through acquisitions.

VOD isn't for everyone.

I see it as a value play with the odds greatly in favor if continued dividend payments. Of course, there's always the risk of the USD continue to strengthen against the EURO.

Last, in order to reduce financial risk, my portfolio position size is small (around 1%).

Thank you again for the link to Nick Mackintosh's Oct. 10th article.

ZAAN profile picture
07 Oct. 2018
Dear Rose,

Fabulous article! Thank you so much for writing it and sharing. I hope you've had a wonderful summer.

With appreciation
RoseNose profile picture
Hi Zaan !
I have been wondering if you are still in Canada...and how you are doing.
Hope all has been lovely for you and have a great fall wherever you roam.
Thanks for the comment and I am glad you enjoyed the article.
Rose :))
ZAAN profile picture
07 Oct. 2018
Dear Rose,

I've recently returned to Cape Town after almost 5 months away. My time in Canada was wonderful! I've been a bit out of the loop and trying to catch up on reading here on SA. Lucky for me I had quite a few painting commissions to do in the last few months and I also managed to travel to Nova Scotia in July and to Iceland, Germany and Austria in August. Very nice! But now I'm quite happy to stay put for a while till the North does their big Freeze and Thaw. Unfortunately I'm missing the Fall in Canada this year, but Spring here is just glorious. Cape Town has had a lot of rain this winter and it's sooooo beautiful and green right now with one perfect day after the next.

Congratulations on your TCEHY purchase! I'm thrilled by that.

Wishing you a fabulous Sunday!
RoseNose profile picture
So wonderful for the update on your travels. Many places in the "cool" north that I have not traveled too. The fall here in Iowa is one of the worst I can remember, as it is very cool, rainy and dreary..the trees are dropping leaves in spurts and not changing colors together.
Your spring does sound lovely and lush. Welcome home and may it be peaceful.
Hi Rose. Thanks for your notes. We have many overlapping names as recent additions to my DGI portfolio—glad to have affirmation by other like minded investors. Instead of buying a single Chinese stock,what do you think about a fund like Matthews China Dividend to give you broad exposure to the pullback in China? Thank you for your thoughts.
RoseNose profile picture
@Denver Harbor-
I am new to the China stocks, but would want those and only those listed on the NYSE. A fund that has stocks in it that are listed would be candidate for due diligence. I am just getting interested, but also with no hurry and perhaps no real enthusiasm either, as I am pretty pleased with my current portfolio. :)) Rose
SleepyInSeattle profile picture
Rose, I appreciate the article, but I sold approx. 30% of my portfolio, accumulating cash. What do you think?
RoseNose profile picture
What works for me might not work for you...and the market is looking to offer some bargains if the current trend continues.
If you sold some of your income producers, then you will have to wait it out. If they were growth stocks you sold, then you perhaps won't be missing as much...I really can't say, but wish you good luck :)) Rose
This was not addressed to me, but if you are going to go 30% to cash as you have, then it seems like you should set some very strict criteria for when and under what conditions that cash gets reinvested back into the market. I think that needs to include a set of conditions (perhaps valuation based assuming that is your concern) as well as a maximum duration you are willing to wait for those conditions in case they don't happen in the near future.
SleepyInSeattle profile picture
I already reinvested a small amount into preferreds, some cumulative, some not, call date over 2 years. PEI-D @ 21.47 (yield 8.24%)
USB-P @ 24.23 (yield 5.66%)
AHL-C @ 24.82 (yield 5.96%)
PSA-E @ 21.45 (yield 5.73%) The adjusted yield is probably higher as I bought below PAR
RoseNose profile picture
Hi @MtBudmoreView -
I appreciate your following and with your sister as well. Keep healthy yourself and God Bless :)) Rose.
MtBudmoreView profile picture
Goodness Rose you get a lot of attention and deservedly so you should. My sister and I keep up with your now 96. Glad to see some Chinese exposure which will eventually look better and I have time for bargains like T was recently again. We look forward to the next update. Keep healthy!!
Chinese exposure? I am a little bit exposed right now QI-Ali- JD- been hit very hard with Chinese lack of value and honesty--When will that change? Very old society complete with centuries old intrigues--I am concerned that the Chinese have such a radical difference in values versus the West-- Of course maybe our sense of values upon deeper inspection may not bees lily "white"

Rose- Enjoy your articles. Your numbers on SO may make it #1 on your list of great future performers, but I think you have to look past the numbers. I'm not sure I can agree that SO is so well managed. look at the construction cost problems they are having. What are they, something like 6 billion over on cost? thats a lot of money, even for you! look at the pollution problems they are having. Thats costing a lot of extra money. These are not the things that happen to this degree in a well managed company. They are borrowing money like crazy in part to keep paying the dividend.
I'm long SO, but it may have to go.

Big Slix

PS Bought some D yesterday.
cemanuel profile picture
I've looked at SO a few times and keep not buying due to the reasons you mention. I would like to add another utility - have D and NEE - but due to debt/dividend safety concerns SO hasn't made the grade for me.
RoseNose profile picture
Thankyou Bigslix for your thoughts on SO.
Sadly it is having the continuing troubles with the nuclear project.
It can win and is persisting with the project, perhaps unjustly so.
It continues to survive and has a solid credit rating.
I stick with it, not arguing for it either, show putting out the facts.
I also have D and welcome you to that one, just know it is having trouble with SCG and South Carolina regulators for that purchase ....
always something for most power companies.
Best and Happy Investing :)) Rose
RoseNose profile picture
Thanks for sharing @cemanuel -
I would not know which one to pick if I had to buy another right now. Good Luck.
richjoy403 profile picture
Approaching the Dividend Space -- Part 3 Conclusion

It is important to note High Dividend Yield, Dividend Growth, and Quality Dividend strategies are distinct approaches and demonstrate significant differences in desired outcomes, fundamentals, and sector exposures. Given these differences, investors should carefully consider which strategy best aligns with their objectives.

Investors may also consider combining multiple dividend strategies to manage fundamentals or sector exposures. Some dividend ETFs do this; for example, it is not uncommon to see hybrid strategies that combine high dividend yielders meeting quality screens. While a hybrid approach can result in more balanced sector exposures and fundamentals, it often comes at the expense of maximizing the dividend yield, quality or growth characteristics of the portfolio.

The source document: Global X, July 12, 2017, by Jay Jacobs, CFA


As always, such documents are measured in the eye of the beholder. I’m not suggesting anyone should make any changes based upon this thesis--some may find it useful, and others find it useless. Although the data are from 2017, their relationships should hold up over time.
RoseNose profile picture
Thank You @richjoy403 for posting the information.
Diversity and understanding the type of investing one is doing is important.
Plans are important and are not set in stone, thus allowing us to change as our needs change.
RoseNose profile picture
To all that read and follow Richjoy403:
He has a list of holdings for 1 of his portfolios on his profile page, as well as his past and future investing methods. Also information about his retiring early and family life....I came to SA back when he was still writing articles and excellent ones too. He has moved on to enjoy his family and not place SA and investing above the JOY in his life (his wife) and family with her.
But he can easily afford to do so with his investing abilities which are truly excellent. He has a plan and changes it as needed, but always started with investing in himself first and not spending every dollar that came his way. I think this to be the truth for him, but it also is what I have done as well. Start investing EARLY and count the dividends as time rolls along.
Anyway, a big thanks to Rich for providing his thoughts here and being a friend to many, and to me. Rose :))
God Bless to all.
richjoy403 profile picture
Approaching the Dividend Space -- Part 2

These 3 dividend strategies tend to exhibit sector biases (illustrated below). Thus differences in sector weights can produce distinct return drivers and risks for each strategy.

The HIGH DIVIDEND YIELD strategy favors sectors with low valuations (like Energy and Financials) and sectors that distribute a high percentage of their cash flows (like Utilities).
The DIVIDEND GROWTH strategy favors historically low-dividend paying sectors like Health Care and Information Technology, which should have a greater capacity to increase dividends because of their lower starting point.
The QUALITY DIVIDEND strategy leans most heavily on Consumer Staples, which tend to be more resistant to economic downturns.

(source: Bloomberg, as of 6/30/2017)

Consum Disc: 15%
Consum Staples: 13%
Real Estate: 12%
Financials: 25%
Health Care: 3%
Industrials: 5%
Materials: <1%
Energy: <1%
Info Tech: <1%
Telecoms: 4%
Utilities: 22%

Consum Disc: 11%
Consum Staples: 16%
Real Estate: 3%
Financials: 15%
Health Care: 18%
Industrials: 13%
Materials: 3%
Energy: <1%
Info Tech: 17%
Telecoms: <1%
Utilities: 3%

Consum Disc: 10%
Consum Staples: 20%
Real Estate: 4%
Financials: 3%
Health Care: 16%
Industrials: 12%
Materials: 1%
Energy: 5%
Info Tech: 18%
Telecoms: 5%
Utilities: 4%
richjoy403 profile picture
Rose -- Are there USEFUL distinctions to be made among dividend-payers? As mentioned yesterday, I’ll summarize a professional-source document I found to contain interesting (and perhaps helpful) observations about dividends. A link to that document is at the end of Part 3.

Approaching the Dividend Space -- Part 1

Because many fixed income investments deliver historically low yields, many SDIs consider alternatives--especially equities offering both income and the opportunity for capital appreciation. Such as stocks and dividend-focused ETFs.

The majority of dividend strategies fall into the following three categories:

Below are the major differences between these categories:

a) Primary Orientation: Yield
b) Explanation: Stocks with high yields potentially increase a portfolio’s yield, while maintaining the opportunity for capital appreciation
c) Key Measure: High Dividend Yield

a) Primary Orientation: Total Return
b) Explanation: Stocks that are likely to increase their dividends can appreciate in value while increasing a portfolio’s cash flow over time
c) Key Measures: High expected earnings growth and history of dividend increases

Primary Orientation: Defensive
Explanation: Stocks that are likely to maintain their dividend payments across a variety of economic climates may provide more a portfolio more defensive characteristics
Key Measures: High return on equity (ROE) and High dividend coverage ratio

Below is a comparison of the 3 strategies based upon their Key Measures--Dividend Yield, Earnings Growth, and Profitability (ROE is a proxy for profitability), as of June 30, 2017.

.. Dividend Yield = 6.3% (highest)
.. Earnings Growth = 5.5%
.. Return on Equity = 12.8%

.. Dividend Yield = 2.5%
.. Earnings Growth = 9.1% (highest)
.. Return on Equity = 19.9%

.. Dividend Yield = 3.0%
.. Earnings Growth = 8.5%
.. Return on Equity = 23.4% (highest)
I think that you have too many holdings.
RoseNose profile picture
@WMX0102 - Many agree with you and say so.
Many agree I don't, and even have more...it depends on how much time and how much money you care to utilize.
Good luck with your <96. thanks for reading.
Rose :))
Dividend Sleuth profile picture

Thank you for the update. You are the Queen of Consumer Stocks. Your portfolio gives us lots of study ideas. The GIS FAST Graph is intriguing. I hope you get a good bounce from GE.

Happy Investing!
RoseNose profile picture
@Dividend Sleuth - friend Ted,
Always great to have you stop by and comment. I so enjoy your investing articles and ideas, and don't always comment, but know I read them all.
GIS is just a basic core type safe holding. Not exciting, nor should it be. I don't know if I will get a bounce from the price or not, but want stability for the dividend and hope it continues with an excellent track record for it and the yield.
Happy Investing to you Ted and your wife!
and happy retirement too :)) Rose
Thanks for another wonderful article. Always look forward to reading yours. TECHY is in my watch list. Hesitant to pull the trigger.
RoseNose profile picture
Thank you @investor30s and Tencent will most likely be a good one to own.
But when everyone thinks that, it is best to watch a bit first. I don't have a large holding. Good Luck ! Rose
It is a always a great day over here to be able read your portfolio reports!

Share many of the same securities over here in the Portfolio of Power, and have the utmost respect for your market thoughts. :-)

I look forward to your work immensely and appreciate everything you do for all of us here on Seeking Alpha fortunate enough to call you a friend.

Thank you so much Rose!
RoseNose profile picture
@Blury8 -
Very sweet and kind comment. Thanks and much appreciated, it gives me encouragement to continue with my own commenting. So much to read and learn on SA, good luck to you and enjoy adding friends.
Best and Happy Investing :)) Rose
Sleepless in the Alps profile picture
Hey, Rose!

Another in a long series of seriously great articles that give everything and ask for nothing! Super!

Don't see how you can lose with your 96 stocks in really great companies, especially over the long term. Our portfolios are a bit more concentrated (Helga has only a half dozen in hers, and one single stock comprises 60% of it!) We believe however that for the average investor your method is a lot better.

Always appreciate your huge efforts, your BFFs,

Heidi, Helga, Clarissa and Desiree

PS: Notice you are long one of our all-time favorites, DEO. Of course you already know our life style, so it fits...
RoseNose profile picture
Hi @Sleepless in the Alps Girl friends of mine...and to Schnitzel too and his little darling (if you got him one)...hope all is well with you all.
Thanks for stopping by and such a nice comment, to continue to make me and many others smile. Is it 420 yet? lol, I hear that is the time to start smoking...at least for Tesla ...anyway, God Bless you all :)) Rose
BluechipDividendHunter profile picture
@RoseNose what is your take on SO?, seems to have lots of problems,tons of issues with Vogtle plant and its construction, but excellent yield at bottom price!!!, I see that you own it and may not be that happy right now, but seems to be at right price for a long term play?, thx again for all your wisdom and shares.
RoseNose profile picture
@BluechipDividendHunt... -
Yes + for SO. It is a buy right now. I do have plenty and agree it has seen happier days. I think the nuclear regulatory commission or EPA of something is causing great delays, but hopefully it will get the project finished in 2020 or so. Kind of a nightmare for sure.
I am long and intend on staying long. Best and thank you for the comment.
JJeljefe profile picture
This is impressive beyond belief. I'm always making a list to compare my holdings (and lack of) against yours -- really helps to see affirmation in DGI. Departing from dividends (and not being critical) you should start a small section called "Market Darlings" and comprise it with stocks like: AAPL, NVDA, AMZN, GOOGL, UNH, BRK.B, SQ, PYPL & so on. You could even equal weight each position & just average the total return -- It would be interesting.
RoseNose profile picture
@JJeljefe -
Interesting idea, but I don't even own any of those darlings...lol.
I might start one called #10 for all and easy investing...I appreciate the kind comment and thanks for reading my work.
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