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Problems In Developing Countries To Ignite Gold Prices

by: Gregor Gregersen
Gregor Gregersen
Gold & precious metals, silver, wealth protection, bullion storage

US trade tariffs could be a way to make its trade with other countries fairer.

Unstable situations in developing countries are catalysts for higher gold prices ahead.

Likely that low value jobs are not coming back to the US.

SBTV's latest guest is Jayant Bhandari of Anarcho Capital. He brings a fresh perspective to the US trade war with China and insights on the performance of gold in the Third World from the lens of other currencies.

Although there is a lot of focus on the US economy as a trigger for the next financial crisis, Jayant believes that there are also risks in developing countries that may start the first dominoes that will lead to the next crisis. This is why he sees Third World countries as catalysts for higher gold prices ahead.

Jayant also highlights Amarillo Gold Corp (AGC) and Evrim Resources Corp (EVM) as two gold miners that are on his radar.

Jayant sees Trump's initiation of trade tariffs as justified to make trade fairer between US and other countries given that the US has been subsidizing other countries and over-regulating its own industries. It is likely that lower value manufacturing jobs are not coming back to the US. Instead, he believes that the US should focus on areas where they are strong - high technology and service industry.

Discussed in this interview:
01:44 US trade tariffs are necessary
03:28 Can the US balance its trade with China?
06:50 Low value manufacturing jobs are not coming back.
09:30 Gold prices are soaring in third world currencies.
12:20 Problems in developing countries to ignite gold prices.
15:54 How gold miners are affected by gold prices?
20:05 Global financial meltdown ahead.
23:41 How dire will the next financial crisis be?
25:24 Money printing destroys wealth

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