Terra Tech's Open Letter To President Donald Trump

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  • U.S. cannabis firm Terra Tech just took out a whole page on the Wall Street Journal this week to ask President Trump for help.
  • The letter described the significant financial and legal disadvantages suffered by U.S. cannabis firms as Canada legalizes cannabis.
  • We think U.S. cannabis companies are wise to pursue listings in Canada and those that have done so achieved superior growth benefiting from improved access to capital and investor awareness.

U.S.-based cannabis firm Terra Tech (OTCQX:TRTC) just took out a whole page on the Wall Street Journal asking for help from President Trump. The letter is short but the implications behind it are worth our discussion. Terra Tech is an OTC-listed cannabis company that has struggled for years since the 2014 mania and we think its frustration is shared broadly among U.S. cannabis firms. As Canada celebrates the legalization this week, we think it is worthwhile to share our thoughts on the industry and how investors can think about this matter strategically and manage their portfolio accordingly to take advantage of the shifting attitudes in the U.S. We also think Terra Tech is representative of a U.S.-listed cannabis company suffering serious disadvantages due to limited access to capital and a lack of investor interest as a result of competitions from Canadian-listed cannabis stocks.

Who's Terra Tech

The company operates vertically-integrated operations in Nevada and California and is listed on the OTC market, unlike many of its peers that chose to list on the CSE in Canada. The company's main activities include:

The company announced a 1 for 15 reverse split in March 2018 which had a negative impact on the stock

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