McCullough: Asymmetry In Your Portfolio Is Important

by: Hedgeye


Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough explains why asymmetry is critical to an investor's portfolio.

We like the U.S. Dollar, Long and Short-Term Treasury bonds.

“Don’t just buy one thing,” McCullough explains. “You should have some asymmetry in your portfolio.

On a recent edition of The Macro Show, a viewer asked Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough if he likes the U.S. dollar, the long bond or short term notes the best.

Keith responded by saying instead of going all in on one, why not buy a little of all those exposures he currently likes (all of which, by the way, perform better in the current Quad 4 conditions).

“Don’t just buy one thing,” McCullough explains. “You just said three things I really like. And you should have some asymmetry in your portfolio, because some days the dollar is going to go up and some days the opposite is going to happen.”


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