Energy Conversions

by: Michael McAllister

Here is a list of  various abbreviations commonly used in the Energy Sector as well as the conversions.  Please reference the list below:

bbl =
b/d =
barrels per day
Mcf =
thousand cubic feet
MMcf =
million cubic feet
Bcf =
billion cubic feet
Tcf =
trillion cubic feet
British Thermal Unit
Natural Gas Liquids
Liquified Petroleum Gases

Click the link below for conversion tables:

Energy Conversions 

One barrel of crude oil equals: 
42 gallons
5.8 MMBTU of energy
5.614 Mcf of
natural gas
0.22 ton of
bituminous coal 

One metric ton of crude oil equals: 
2,204 pounds
7.46 barrels
of domestic crude oil
6.99 barrels
of foreign crude oil

One cubic foot of natural gas equals:
7.48 gallons
1.030 MBTU
of energy
barrel of crude oil
0.00004 ton
of bituminous coal

One cubic meter of natural gas
35.314 cubic

One short ton of bituminous coal
2,000 pounds
26 MMBTU of energy
4.52 barrels
of crude oil
25.314 Mcf
of natural gas