Tesla: Is There Really Gold In EV Paradise?

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  • Is Musk really unstable? A politician will tell you that “there is no bad publicity".
  • Shareholders should not worry about bankruptcy risk. Dilution is a much more realistic threat.
  • Is the EV industry really worth gold or is this pill a placebo?
  • Elon made a serious mistake. He should have designed an SUV, not Model X.
  • Why I stand against subsidies and "corporate racisms". The reason Tesla is hated so much.

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I've been tracking Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) for a while now. Not because I was ever interested in investing in the company (financials were always so bad and volatile), but because I'd read about it everywhere and all the time. The coverage this company has enjoyed is unprecedented. And because of it, Tesla should have thrived, right?

Well, I'm not so sure. When I look at the cannabis industry ("Green Rush"), many newcomers to this ever-expanding market are over-leveraged and not (yet) profitable. So, I guess any new venture is always a risky bet. Let's give Tesla a break, shall we? - I'm already hearing "booh" in the background.

I finally decided to write about Elon Musk and his, yes magnificent, business. I was never really a fan. I don't like it when certain corporations are allowed to do more mistakes than others. It's just unfair. Any other stock would have already collapsed by now, but not Tesla. I must admit though, I enjoyed the moment when Q3/2018 results came out and were positive.

Yes, I know, the company has major working capital issues, rising debt, unstable margins (cannot be predicted), and growing competition. It will dilute its shareholders soon, that's a certainty. But still… Tesla is a business with great potential.

I'm a bit sad myself. I would like to put some money into Tesla just to make things more interesting for me. I wouldn't hope to make money, and I'd be prepared to lose it all as well. But at current price levels (anything above ~$170), the odds are most likely against me.

There are many great articles on Seeking Alpha, which really spice up the debate. To receive a proper "round-up" of views and perspectives on the matter, I'd suggest reading the latest

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