Understanding The Spreading Retirement Crisis

by: Danielle Park, CFA

The 48-minute segment below explains how the world has come to the present capital deficiency crisis and why financial markets and an aging population are more at risk today than in past cycles. I have been speaking and writing about these themes for over 15 years; it is good to hear another analyst connect the dots well.

Downsizing and de-risking are due to be the dominant themes of the next decade+. This offers great opportunity for the prepared, but also great pain and shock for those who are caught flat-footed.

Time will soon show once more, that most financial advisors and asset managers are conflict-full, discipline-free speculators, toxic to the financial health of their clients over time. Valuable financial management can only come from a fiduciary focus on the recipient’s individual facts, goals, timelines and best interests, with the strategic allocation flexibility needed to navigate through the real-time capital and business cycles at hand.

In this hard-hitting Real Vision special, Raoul Pal presents the single most important financial topic of a generation — the Baby Boomer retirement crisis. He asks the hard questions: Can you afford to retire? How will the coming crisis impact your life? What risks are you unknowingly taking with your retirement? Moreover, will the insufficient retirement savings of the largest generation in history cripple the economy? Raoul also explores how savvy retirees might avoid — and even profit from — the threatening crisis. In addition, Raoul also offers a glimpse of a brighter future, in which smart millennials take control of their own financial destiny and side-step the crisis. Here is a direct video link.